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Bases Loaded

Bases Loaded NES Screenshot 1
Bases Loaded (NES)
It's the top of the ninth and you're at bat in the seventh and final game of the World Series. Your team is ahead by one run - that's not a lot, since your opponent just scored three in the eighth!

You've battled back in every game - no one figured it would be this tough. Your best hitter is in a slump; but, the rookie has gotten a hot bat the past two games. The bottom of your line-up will face your opponent's ace reliever. They've got the momentum. But you've got the heart.

So, ready for what could be your last at-bat, you've got to pick your hitters carefully. Use your imagination. Catch your opponent off guard. Wait for the right pitch. Bunt. Steal. Play aggressively or don't play at all.

The inning you've been waiting for all season is finally here. Make the most of it. After 11 years of waiting, you're ready to wear that World Series' ring and bring home that trophy.
--From the NES Bases Loaded instruction manual.

Bases Loaded is filled to the brim with eight bit fun. The graphics were good for the time. It was the first game to be in the perspective of the pitcher. Prior to this, baseball games were usually from the batter's perspective, or an overhead view of the whole field. It was also the first baseball game to make the batter have to decide to swing high or low. The attention to detail made this game worthwhile. You can make substitutions while batting or pitching. Definitely a good attempt at realism. The sounds were realistic, but the music was annoying.

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Bases Loaded Gameboy Screenshot 1
Bases Loaded (Gameboy)
Runners are at the corners with one out. The tying run dances off of third, daring you to pick him off. It all comes down to this--you versus the Pro team's cleanup hitter. But you've got one more trick up your sleeve. You make the wave to the bullpen and call in Myer, your team's ace reliever. The batter adjusts his stance as Myer looks in. It's the best versus the best in a classic late inning confrontation-- just an example of the excitement awaiting you in Bases Loaded GB.
--From the Gameboy Bases Loaded instruction manual.

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Bases Loaded 3 NES Screenshot 1
Bases Loaded 3 (NES)
Playball -- like you've never played it before! Ryne Sandberg Plays Bases Loaded 3 not only offers you the great graphics, sound and gameplay you've come to expect of Jaleco's Bases Loaded series of games, but also adds the most demanding baseball challenge possible -- to play the perfect game!

Sure, we've also changed the fielding perspective to a centerfield camera point of view to make fielding more realistic. And we've made fielders much larger than they have been in any other Bases Loaded games. We've also added an EDIT team so that you can alter the statistics of the players. And yes, we've added the choice of three ballparks, each with unique characteristics. And of course you can make diving stops and leaping grabs, throw curves and changeups, make lineup changes, bunt, steal bases, and everything else you expect from a great baseball game. But the biggest difference in Bases Loaded 3 is the challenge it makes to you -- can you play a perfect game?

With Bases Loaded 3, winning the game is only part of the challenge of a one-player game against the computer. You won't beat Bases Loaded 3 unless you play a perfect game against the toughest team we can throw at you. And in two-player head-to-head games, expect nothing less than exhilaration! If you're anything like those of us at Jaleco who have played the game together, you'll scream at your player for making a bad throw, you'll taunt your opponent with biting sarcasm when his baserunner gets caught off third base, and you'll laugh together when your opponent scores seven runs in the bottom of the ninth to tie the game 15-15. We're pretty sure you're going to have a good time with this game -- because we sure do!
--From the NES Bases Loaded 3 instruction manual.

This installment of the vast Bases Loaded series is a pretty good one. It plays just like the first two. The gameplay is the same as it was, but the gameplay was great, so that's a good thing. They kept the controls the same so there wasn't a big transitional phase between the games.

The biggest difference is that this installment has much better graphics. The colors are better and so is the detail. The sounds are just as annoying if not more. You can turn the music off, but the sound effects are annoying too, so I suggest turning down the volume.

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Bases Loaded 4 NES Screenshot 1
Bases Loaded 4 (NES)
Batter up! Jaleco hits another one out of the ballpark with Bases Loaded 4... the ultimate experience for baseball fans who just want to get out there and play ball. We've included all the best features to create the greatest baseball game ever - you get lineup changes, realistic player stats, a centerfield perspective, easy-to-use controls, exhibition and regular season games, two-player mode, even a Super Series.

In Bases Loaded 4, you coach your team just like they do in the big leagues. Study your players' stats, then assemble a lineup that'll stop the opposition in their tracks! A simple black and white star system shows you how each player is doing at a glance. If a player's performance starts to lag, you can send in a replacement from the bench or the bullpen. Study the opposing teams' lineups, too, so you'll know what you're up against when you meet that ace pitcher in the bottom of the ninth!

The umpire decides when your players make an outstanding play or really blow it... and believe me, it affects how they play. You may not agree with the decision, but you can't argue with the ump - ask any big league coach! Because the computer keeps track of how your players are doing, you can throw yourself into the game - and we know you will. Whether you're pitching, fielding, batting, or stealing a base, just concentrate on winning and keep your eye on the ball... we'll take care of the rest!
--From the NES Bases Loaded 4 instruction manual.

Bases Loaded 4 is yet another addition to the series. More of the same stuff, with a little bit better graphics. Jaleco made a good game that's a lot of fun and then rode it for all it was worth. This same recipe is a little bland after four games. It's a good game and fun to play, it's just the same old stuff. They could have added a home-run derby or something.

The only thing I noticed other than the graphics was the addition of little blips that let you know where your outfielders are while the ball is in the air. The sound is a little better. The music is the same, but you can turn it off, and the sound effects were more realistic.

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Super Bases Loaded Super Nintendo Screenshot 1
Super Bases Loaded (Super Nintendo)
Super Bases Loaded is the best baseball game on the SNES. The Bases Loaded series on the NES was the best baseball game series that system had to offer. Super Bases Loaded included better graphics and sound, and a ranking system that allowed you to try to play the perfect game. This is a great baseball game, so if you like baseball games, you should definitely try this one.

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Super Bases Loaded 3 Super Nintendo Screenshot 1
Super Bases Loaded 3 (Super Nintendo)

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