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Goof Troop Super Nintendo Screenshot 1
Goof Troop (Super Nintendo)
Fishin' For Trouble

It was a great day for fishing in Spoonerville, so Goofy and his pals went out to the ocean with their boats. Cruising for the big ones in open waters, Pete and PJ were suddenly caught in the ominous shadow of a gigantic ship. When Goofy and Max looked up, they saw a huge pirate ship heading out to Spoonerville Island. Pete and PJ were onboard, victims of a pirate kidnapping! Goofy rowed for all he was worth, but he couldn't catch up to the pirate ship before it landed on the island. determined to rescue their friends, Goofy and Max set out to explore and find the pirate stronghold.

--From the Super Nintendo Goof Troop instruction manual.

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Goofy's Hysterical History Tour Sega Genesis Screenshot 1
Goofy's Hysterical History Tour (Sega Genesis)

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Adventures in the Magic Kingdom NES Screenshot 1
Adventures in the Magic Kingdom (NES)
Six villagers have been kidnapped and they need you to rescue them. You must avoid the pirates until you find the special candle. With this candle, you can either toss it at the enemy characters, or use it to ignite the cannons. When you have gathered all of the villagers, you must light the signal fire to complete this section.

This thriller has the scariest ghouls and ghosts in the Magic Kingdom! You will start this level with a limited supply of candles (the monsters hate the light). You'll need to collect extra candles as you progress through this nightmarish section. You will need a lot of candles to defeat the Master Spectre!

On this attraction you'll have to steer a coal train across some pretty rough tracks. Avoid the dead ends, wrong-way crossing guards and rolling boulders as you head for the Goal station.

Peg leg Pete challenges you to a rough and ready auto race. Defeat him to claim one of the silver keys as your victory trophy. Be careful not to collide with the marker cones or the side of the track as this slows the car down. If you leave the track you'll have to start again.

Command a starship as Mickey Mouse gives you navigation signals to reach star "F". The screen shows the command console and the view of space. One of six signals will flash on the console mini-screen to direct your ship. When an arrow points up, down, left, or right press those directions on the control pad. When a meteor appears on the main viewing screen, you'll see a picture of a button on the left or right side of the mini-screen.

--From the NES Adventures in the Magic Kingdom instruction manual.

You're at the Magic Kingdom. A parade is about to start. But there's a slight problem. Mickey Mouse can't find the golden key! He asks Goofy where it is, and it's in the castle. But to add to Mickey's misfortune, to open the castle, he needs 6 silver keys.

Now you come into play. Mickey wants you to travel all over his magical kingdom to find the 6 silver keys. Can you do it, or will you let Mickey down?

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*You Must Download And Install The Client Before Playing.
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