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Ikari Warriors
Ikari Warriors is, in many gamers' opinion, one of the worst series out there for the Nintendo Entertainment System. I know some of you are saying this is an unjust statement, but that is how a lot of people feel. The graphics are not that good, the story is very weak, and the controls are pretty horrible. The Ikari Warriors series did get slightly better with time, but still it left a lot to be desired. To the few fans that kept it alive, BRAVO.

Ikari Warriors NES Screenshot 1
Ikari Warriors (NES)
There was almost no story to this game. This is what the manual said:

Paul and Vince are warriors with secret orders to invade an enemy nation. Working together as a team, they must fight for survival against a relentless onslaught of enemies!

The only story I've come across that was worse was Bad Dudes. Besides the story, the game still sucked. I didn't like the game-play. You couldn't throw the grenades far enough and what's worse is that they didn't blow up big enough. You were better off just shooting your gun, it covered just as much ground. The coolest thing by far was getting in a tank. I think Ikari Warriors got better as their sequels came out, but this one was a bit of a flop.

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Ikari Warriors 2 NES Screenshot 1
Ikari Warriors 2 (NES)
When we last saw Paul and Vince, they had saved the Colonel and were about to head for home in a special plane given to them by the General.

But then, while in flight over the ocean, the sky suddenly blackens - the ocean begins to churn - and the plane goes spinning! A booming voice fills the cockpit: "Hear me, Warriors! Zang Zip, the War Dog, has enslaved the people of Earth. Only you can save us from his grip of evil!"

Caught in a time warp, hurled thousands of years into the future, Paul and Vince know they have no choice but to meet this impossible challenge head-on. After all, they are professionals... they are the Ikari Warriors!
--From the NES Ikari Warriors 2 instruction manual.

Like most Ikari Warriors titles, Ikari Warriors 2 was a pretty bad game. The graphics weren't very good, and the controls were unresponsive. There are some people that like these games, but I don't understand why. Ikari Warriors was pretty popular in the arcade, but it just wasn't ported very well to the Nintendo console. The Ikari Warriors series has done pretty well as a whole, I just didn't like the ones on the NES very much. If you are an Ikari Warriors fan, play Ikari Warriors 2, if not, then I wouldn't try this one.

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Ikari Warriors 3 NES Screenshot 1
Ikari Warriors 3 (NES)
It is the end of the 20th century. A worldwide economic recession wreaks havoc with the nation and the planet. The impending threat of anarchy has given rise to a secret vice organization called 'Crime Ghost.' Dangerously poised to take over the world with its diabolic strategy, 'Crime Ghost' has infiltrated every country simultaneously. There is one President who has initiated a plan to wipe out the association, but now his home has been attacked and his daughter Elise abducted. A letter has arrived demanding that he resign his powerful position within a number of days, or else his beautiful Elise will be executed in a most unpleasant manner. The letter is signed 'Faust, the notorious mastermind of Crime Ghost. The president knows to whom he must turn. The President has summoned two men known as Paul and Vince, the incredible Ikari Warriors. Now, YOU become Paul and Vince. You must go to the enemy hideout, rescue the lovely Elise, fight Crime Ghost, and destroy them all. To do this, you will use your undersea scuba tactics; your guerrilla fighting power with machine guns and grenades; and your own brute strength, together with your superior Martial Arts skills, performing kicks, round-house kicks, jump kicks, punches, and more. Ikari Warriors, save the world from chaos! Now!
--From the NES Ikari Warriors 3 instruction manual.

Save the president's daughter from the evil organization that has kidnapped her. Not much of a plot, but there it is. These games weren't about that, just an excuse to kill everything in sight.

Ikari Warriors 3 was not that bad of a game, unlike its predecessors. This edition had a good many improvements. The graphics were a great deal better. The backgrounds looked better and the characters were well drawn. Also, the controls were a little more responsive. Ikari Warriors 3 was probably the best Ikari Warriors of its time. If you like Ikari Warriors, you'll love this one!

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