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Xtreme Classix - Metroid

An awesome classic series that continues on today, and into the future....

Introducing us to the fearsome life-form known as Metroid, capable of multiplying rapidly and potentially destroying the entire Galaxy! And the space bounty hunter Samus Aran, a cyborg with unknown powers and unsurpassed skill, the only hope of salvation for countless civilizations.

Take control, as you guide Samus to destroy the Metroid menace and save the day! Try out this series on the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, and Game Boy!

Metroid NES Screenshot 1
Metroid (NES)
Space pirates have attacked a deep-space research spaceship and seized a capsule containing an unknown life-form that had just been discovered on planet SR388. This life-form is in a state of suspended animation, but can be reactivated and will multiply when exposed to beta rays for 24 hours. There is a strong possibility that the life-form just discovered was the cause of the planet's destruction. The Federation researchers had named it "Metroid" and were bringing it back to Earth when it was stolen by space pirates!

If Metroid is multiplied by the space pirates and then used as a weapon, the entire galactic civilization will be destroyed. After a desperate search, the Federation Police have at last found the pirates' headquarters, the fortress planet Zebes, and launched a general attack. As a last resort, the Federation Police have decided on this strategy: to send a space hunter to penetrate the center of the fortress and destroy the Mother Brain. The space hunter chosen for this mission is Samus Aran. He is the greatest of all the space bounty hunters and has successfully completed numerous missions that everybody thought were absolutely impossible. He is a cyborg: his entire body has been surgically strengthened with robotics, giving him superpowers. Even the space pirates fear his space suit, which can absorb any enemies power. But his true form is shrouded in mystery.

The planet Zebes is a natural fortress. Its sides are covered with a special kind of stone, and its interior is a complicated maze. On top of that, the pirates have planted devices and booby traps in the maze, and the pirates' eerie followers lie in wait around every corner. Samus has now succeeded in penetrating Zebes. But time is running out. Will he be able to destroy the Metroid and save the galaxy?
--From the NES Metroid instruction manual.

Metroid is a classic that has it all. Great graphics, sound, controls, and story line. It is one of the greatest games ever made. Metroid brought us into the SciFi realm and made us a hero. You play as Samus Aran, a bounty hunter of the highest quality. Half human, half machine, and all bad--to the bone. Your mission is to kill all space pirates and destroy the stolen Metroid. This mission will not be easy, but you will pull through using your whole arsenal.

That's right, you will gain new abilities as well as new weapons along the way to make your journey just a little easier. Metroid was the start of a great series and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do. Have fun, and good luck with Metroid.

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Metroid 2: Return of Samus Gameboy Screenshot 1
Metroid 2: Return of Samus (Gameboy)
After serious consideration of how terrible and destructive the Metroid life form was, the Galactic Federation sent another research ship to SR388. This trip was to make sure there were no more Metroids left on the planet.

After a short time the Federation received an emergency notice from the research base. They had lost contact, and the research ship was missing. The base had already sent a search and rescue party, but after their initial contact, the rescue ship was not heard from again.

With this limited information, the Federation was positive that a Metroid must still be surviving, hiding deep in the planet underground. Even one living Metroid could easily wipe out an entire planetary civilization. So, the Galactic Federation called its members to an urgent conference to find a way to overcome this menace. They quickly came to one conclusion, which was unanimous and simple....Give Samus Aran the order to exterminate the Metroids!

The underworld of the planet SR388 is a complicated structure of multi-layered domes and space. Some of these contain the ancient ruins of some unknown civilization. These are home to many life forms living on the planet.

Samus' confrontation with the Metroids has started again. You must help Samus save the Galaxy from the Metroids!
--From the Gameboy Metroid 2: Return of Samus instruction manual.

This was the first installment of the Metroid series on a handheld. It was a pretty good game. If you like Metroid, you will definitely enjoy this game. It is played the same way all Metroid games are, you need to navigate through the mazes to find the missing pieces of your suit, and destroy any bad guys on the way. The graphics were pretty good for the Game Boy. The sounds and music were very reminiscent of the NES Metroid. My only complaint is that the controls were a little slow. The jump function is a little weird to use. Other than that it was a great game. If you like Metroid at all, you should definitely give Metroid 2: Return of Samus a try.

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Metroid Fusion Gameboy Advance Screenshot 1
Metroid Fusion (Gameboy Advance)

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Metroid Zero Mission Gameboy Advance Screenshot 1
Metroid Zero Mission (Gameboy Advance)

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Super Metroid Super Nintendo Screenshot 1
Super Metroid (Super Nintendo)
Broken Peace The galaxy once enjoyed a period of peace and prosperity. Trade lines were open, the citizens were happy and the Galactic Federation kept a watchful eye over the planets. Not long ago, that peace was broken by a startling discovery.

The Dawn of the Metroids On a routine survey mission of the planet SR388, the crew of a Galactic Federation vessel discovered a new airborne life form and gave it the name "Metroid". These creatures, which could engulf other living beings and take away their energy, proved to be strong and prolific. After just a few seconds of Beta-Ray bombardment, a single Metroid became two Metroids, and then four. Several Metroid specimens were gathered so that the survey vessel crew could take them to Galactic Federation Headquarters for further examination. As the crew sped towards headquarters, they were ambushed by space pirates from the planet Zebes. The pirates stole the Metroids and took them to their home planet, where the planet-leading Mother Brain created a Metroid force.

Enter Samus Bounty hunter Samus Aran was commissioned by the Galactic Federation to eliminate the space pirates and do away with the dangerous Metroids. Samus landed on Zebes alone and carried out her mission with speed and precision. After the skirmish on Zebes, a special corps was assigned by the Galactic Federation to destroy the Metroids on SR388. That corps was never heard from again. The Supreme Council gave Samus the job to fly to SR388 and do what the special corps could not do--make the Metroids extinct.

RETRUN TO SR388 The Metroids on SR388 were more advanced than the creatures on Zebes. These monsters could shed their skins and grow even stronger. Samus worked deep below the surface and blasted all of the Metroids in her path. Her final victory was against the enormous Metroid Queen. When the queen was defeated, Samus discovered a Metroid egg which hatched before her eyes. Even this hardened bounty hunter could not destroy the Metroid larva. When the larva sensed Samus' presence, it clung to her as though it had found its mother. Samus packed up the Metroid larva and took it with her to the Space Science Academy on the Galactic Federation Space Colony where scientists could study the creature and understand its special organic structure.

A New Discovery The Science Academy scientists found out that the energy- producing properties of the Metroid could benefit humankind. Their report suggested that the Metroids may have originally been created for peaceful purposes. Just when it seemed peace and order had been restored, Samus received an emergency directive from the Galactic Federation:

EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! Return immediately to the Space Science Academy!

WhenSamus made her way to the research facility, she found the building in ruins and the Metroid larve was nowhere to be found. Out of the darkness came a group of Zebesian space pirates and their leader, Ridley, who had the Metroid larva in tow. The pirates fled to a rebuilt planet Zebes and Samus followed them, resolving to finish them off and save the hatchling!

--From the Super Nintendo Super Metroid instruction manual.

Super Metroid was a great addition to the series. It had a great story, just like the other Metroid games, but with better graphics, sound, and controls. It was an absolute joy to play and made you want to keep playing all night long. This may have been the greatest Metroid game ever made. If you have played any of the Metroid games and enjoyed them, you must play Super Metroid. Good luck and have fun playing.

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