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Phantasy Star

Phantasy Star Sega Master System Screenshot 1
Phantasy Star (Sega Master System)
The time: Space Century 342. The place: the three planet Algol solar system located deep in the Andromeda galaxy.

Under the democratic rule of King Lassic, life was good as he provided everything his people could want. Space Travel had been discovered 200 years before and deep space shuttles had allowed colonization of Motavia and Dezoris, the other worlds of the Algol Star System.

But slowly, over time, things began to change. It started with a new religion which was rumored to have come from another galaxy. The dark priests of this religion, never seen by any mortal, promised immortality to all who joined. You would live forever!

King Lassic was getting old. The idea of living forever appealed to him so he became the first to join. Then, he... changed. It started with the threatening suit of armor the priests made him. The armor looked evil and corrupt, and that's how Lassic began to rule his people. Outrageous taxes became a burden on everyone. Business on all three planets shut down and entire towns fell into decay. There was no way for the people to make any money.

As time passed and the people suffered, horrible creatures and monsters began to stalk all three worlds. When the dead came back to life, the people feared the worst and guessed the truth. Trough black magic, Lassic had become an evil tyrant.

But where there is evil there is always good. Brave individuals began to rally in secret against Lassic. But his Robotcops were ruthless in hunting out these defenders of the people. One was Nero, a spaceport worker in Camineet, the central town on Palma. Long ago, his father had disappeared trying to learn Lassic's evil secrets. Now, the Robotcops had crushed Nero as well. Before he died, he passed on his short sword and his quest to his sister, Alis. He also told her to find a brave fighter named Odin.

Alis raised the sword to the sky and vowed that Nero's death would not go unavenged!
--From the Sega Master System Phantasy Star instruction manual.

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Phantasy Star 2 Sega Genesis Screenshot 1
Phantasy Star 2 (Sega Genesis)
In the Beginning...

Somewhere drifting in space is the beautiful Algo Star System. Around the parent star, Algo, whirl its three children - Palm, Mota, and Dezo.

Closest to Algo is Palm, the economic and intellectual stronghold of the system. Thinkers and rulers live here, high in ivory towers, away from the hubbub of everyday life.

Next is Mota, the shining jewel. This fertile farm planet is a tropical paradise, peaceful, prosperous, and happy. On Mota everyone has everything that they want. No one has to work hard - or even work at all.

Dezo is farthest out - and the most mysterious. Not much is known about this dark planet.

Among the planets, Mota's history is the most troubled. From far in her past comes the legend of Alis, the courageous young women who fiercely fought - and succeeded - in ridding Mota of the evil oppressor Lassic.

But now another tragedy oppresses Mota. This one is far worse than Lassic, being not a person, but an unknown evil! Everything is affected by it - the climate, the machinery, even nature!

On Mota, strange, vicious creatures infest the country-sides. They terrify and destroy! No longer does anyone venture outside a city - unless they don't want to return.

What's happened to Mother Brain, the controlling entity on Mota? Why have things gone so wrong? Who is smart enough to solve the riddle? And who is brave enough to save the planet?
--From the Sega Genesis Phantasy Star 2 instruction manual.

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Phantasy Star 3 Sega Genesis Screenshot 1
Phantasy Star 3 (Sega Genesis)
Generations of Doom

Today's your big day. You're marrying Maia, the mysterious woman you found on the shores of your father's kingdom. But as you and Maia walk up the aisle, a winged dragon grabs your bride and disappears...

This is the tragic start of what seems to be a never-ending journey into a world of loathsome creatures and wicked souls. Explore seven danger-ridden worlds as you fend off mutated beasts with swords, knives and bows. Transform into an aerojet and fly over mountain peaks and lifeless deserts. Turn into an aquaskimmer and cross the blue seas. Or become a submersible and dive to a sunken palace.

Live through three generations in this epic adventure and fnd out what lies behind the realm of terror. Only you determine which of the four endings you'll experience.
--From the Sega Genesis Phantasy Star 3 instruction manual.

1000 years ago, a war raged on the world. Two people led these battles. Two people who really hated each other. Orakio and Laya were their names, and forever they would have an impact on the world. Orakio, with his cunning and brilliance, created cyborgs to help his side for the war. Laya, with her magic powers, created monsters to fight these cyborgs. Orakio and Laya, though they hated each other, agreed on one rule, which would live on even 1000 years after the war; "Kill no living being". This rule prohibited the followers of Orakio (Orakians) from killing the followers of Laya (Layans), and vice versa. Nobody can remember how the war between the two ended, and both sides believed they won. However, what the people didn't know is that the end of the war ended in a truce and a final battle against an evil.

Now, 1000 years after the war, a mysterious girl is washed along the shores of Orakio's hometown of Landen. This girl is found by a direct descendant of Orakio and the Prince of Landen named Rhys. Little does Rhys know that this girl's finding would change the world forever.
--from the Genesis Phantasy Star 3 game manual

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Phantasy Star 4 Sega Genesis Screenshot 1
Phantasy Star 4 (Sega Genesis)
The Story, from the Phantasy Star 4 opening sequence...

The Algo solar system, somewhere in space... Once a brilliant civilization flourished here. The citizens devoted themselves to art and the sciences, and life was prosperous and good. Then a series of disasters struck. The system-wide management system, 'Mother Brain' was destroyed. So was the first planet, Parma. Over 90% of the system's population died, and the advanced technological culture was lost. Society declined, spiraling downward until at last only a few scattered groups even remembered there once were better times. A thousand years passed. At last, civilization is once more on the rise across the Algo system. People are again turning to thoughts of an easier life. Old knowledge is being rediscovered. But, just as things look brighter, beyond a threshold long thought closed, a dark and very ancient evil stirs...

Your Mission, from the Phantasy Star 4 game manual:

You begin the game as Chaz, an aspiring Hunter straight out of training. Your partner, Alys, is a crafty veteran whose good looks and prowess with the blade have earned her an awesome reputation. Your first assignment, a monster hunt deep in the basement of Motavia Academy, leads to a quest to save Motavia from destruction.

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*You Must Download And Install The Client Before Playing.
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