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Xtreme Classix - Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder NES Screenshot 1
Rolling Thunder (NES)
In the murky bars and filthy back alleys that the scum of society call home, a chant is whispered in dread from lip to lip: "Mabu is coming! Mabu arises to conquer the world!"
The old bag lady, pushing her meager worldly belongings in a broken-down cart, cannot help hearing these strange words again and again. Her bent frame straightens imperceptibly and her heartbeat pounds in her ears. She must find out more!

In the next few weeks, from the ravings of drunkards and slurrings of the down-trodden, she manages to piece together a picture beyond belief. Mabu is the leader of the mysterious Evil Society, whose charter is nothing short of world domination. Mabu himself is quite inhuman, an alien with supernatural powers. And his plans for the conquest of Earth are soon to be set in motion. Though the rest of her information seems jumbled, one piece proved invaluably concrete: The location of the entrance to the conspirators' underground lair. With surprisingly youthful fingers, she reaches into her trash and pulls out a piece of hardware which no bag lady should own: a miniaturized radio transponder.

Speaking into the mouthpiece, she begins, "Agent Leila to Rolling Thunder..." As she continues with her report, her training fails her. She does not see the shadowy figures that silently approach her. Nor does she feel the blow that crashes her world into darkness...

Rolling Thunder: The name of the powerful international secret police organization.
You: Its best agent.
Your mission: Infiltrate the underground headquarters of the Evil Society, save agent Leila and smash the deadly plot to conquer the world by defeating Mabu, the alien leader.

--From the NES Rolling Thunder instruction manual.

Rolling Thunder's popularity in the arcades convinced Namco to port it to the NES, although Tengen beat them to it without obtaining the proper license from Nintendo. This game is a lot of fun and almost birthed the run and gun genre. The graphics were colorful and didn't really look real, but they had there own artist perspective. The music is alittle annoying and the sounds don't sound too real. The gameplay makes up for everything it lacks though. There is a lot of action and it's easy to learn and difficult to master. The controls are easy to learn also. Most NES games are though, I meant there are two buttons, so there aren't too many possibilties. The storyline is exciting, you are a secret agent on a mission to save a hot chick. I know it's a little cliche, but there is a reason that's a cliche, it's good!

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Rolling Thunder 2 Sega Genesis Screenshot 1
Rolling Thunder 2 (Sega Genesis)

To: Albatross

Once again we are in need of your services.

Situation Report:

Communication satellites destroyed. Disruption of global information flow seriously damaging world economy. Analysts expect further economic and political deterioration.

Terrorist organization Geldra claims responsibility. No demands have been made. At this time, Geldra's motives are unknown. Intelligence indicates that rogue arms merchant Gimdo may be involved.

We offer the standard contract and disclaimer. Your controller will be JC-KAL, authorization code OMEGA. You will be contacted. Looks like a tough one.

Good Luck.

End Message

After reading the message you try to concentrate on the Bach playing in the background but you're troubled. Images of the previous missions creep through your mind; the adrenaline, the smell of gun powder, carnage...

The phone rings.
"It's started again."
"I know, Leila."
After an awkward pause she hangs up. As you oil your 9 mm, you prepare yourself for the task ahead of you.

--From the Sega Genesis Rolling Thunder 2 instruction manual.

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Rolling Thunder 3 Sega Genesis Screenshot 1
Rolling Thunder 3 (Sega Genesis)

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