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Xtreme Classix - Superman

Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. X-ray Vision. Heat Vision. Ice Breath. Oh, and he can fly. What a Super Man...

Just watch out for that Kryptonite!

Death and Return of Superman Sega Genesis Screenshot 1
Death and Return of Superman (Sega Genesis)

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Death and Return of Superman Super Nintendo Screenshot 1
Death and Return of Superman (Super Nintendo)
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's SUPERMAN!! When Doomsday attacks Metropolis, it's up to Superman to stop him. Unfortunately, Superman is defeated while destroying Doomsday, and a cadre of heroes fight to honor his legacy (or so it seems): Cyborg, Eradicator, Superboy, and The Man of Steel all fight to keep Metropolis safe, however it may seem that some of them are more then they appear. What will Metropolis do without their hero?

The Death and Return of Superman is a wonderful game that is full of fun gameplay and excellent graphics, with a changing background and intense detail. The music keeps with the mood of the game, being that it is basically a fight to the death. This game is fun and entertaining and definitely worth playing.

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Superman Atari 2600 Screenshot 1
Superman (Atari 2600)
You are Superman. Receiving a tip on a bomb scare, you rush to the Metropolis waterfront. Dropping into a nearby phone booth, you change into Clark Kent, mild- mannered reporter for the Daily Planet, and continue east (right) toward the Metropolis Memorial Bridge.

As you approach the bridge, it explodes! Lex Luthor, arch enemy of Superman, is seen leaving in a hell-pack. Some of the Lex Luthor henchmen rush from the scene. A helicopter flies by carrying Lois Lane. Is she in trouble, or has she hired the helicopter to scoop the story? Another crook sneaks away.

This is a job for Superman! You rush back to the phone booth and emerge as the Man of Steel.

"Up, up and away" you fly to capture Lex Luthor and his gang. But beware! Lex Luthor has released three Kryptonite satellites that will seek you out. If any touch you, you become weak. You will lose your ability to fly, and to capture and hold on to things. Only a touch from Lois Lane will revive you.

The destroyed Metropolis Memorial Bridge is important to the economy of the city. Besides catching Lex Luthor and his gang, you must find the three pieces of the Bridge and rebuild it.

The helicopter may try to help, but more than likely it will be a hindrance... sometimes even removing parts of the Bridge that you have put into place. Other times it is a definite ally by snatching away the Kryptonite satellite that Lex Luthor may be hiding behind.

After putting Lex Luthor and his gang behind bars, and rebuilding the Bridge, you return to the phone booth and change back into Clark Kent. Then you catch a subway to the Daily Planet and turn in your story.
--From the Atari 2600 Superman instruction manual.

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Superman Sega Genesis Screenshot 1
Superman (Sega Genesis)
Superman, the Man of Steel, has a mission: protect the city of Metropolis. Born on another planet, he has super powers here on earth. Using the identity of Clark Kent, reporter for the Daily News newspaper, he conceals his true identity until needed.

“Look, up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Superman!”

--From the Sega Genesis Superman instruction manual.

     Superman, The Man of Steel, The Caped Wonder, is regarded as the first true Super Hero. Most scholars refuse to acknowledge SuperCaveMan, whose animated actions were scratched on the walls of the French Lascaux Cave 17,000 years ago, as the first because he wasn’t drawn in color. Also his stories were always the same: he worked as a stone scribe and when somebody needed help, he would change into his costume and appear just in the nick of time to save them. The plot was overused and got stale. Not like Superman stories that always have so much suspense.

     Superman to the rescue! Ta da! (Insert round of applause here). Unlike Superman Comics, in which the Caped Wonder always succeeds, you have a chance to foul up the works and cause the death of numerous innocent people (well really just some computer memory).

     As usual, the game involves fighting bad guys while attempting to stay alive in the process. After playing 25,431 games like this, you would think it would be easy. It isn’t. The pace of play is moderate but the action is deadly. Fun to play and yet still challenging.

     The scenery colors are pastel and there is virtually no texturing. However, the theme music is appealing. That being said, the game action does not depend upon the colors and many might find the coloring a fresh change of pace.

     Superman the character is well-drawn, with bright attention-getting colors. The enemies also are drawn well and interesting in design. However, their main mode of attack is to simply run into you. Superman’s attacks are simply punches of varying strength. The action sounds of enemies being destroyed might be fine except they are overpowered by the background music. But the attack by Superman sounds like tearing paper.

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Superman Gameboy Screenshot 1
Superman (Gameboy)

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