Ms. Pac-Man 1993 By: Namco LTD

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This version of Ms. Pac-Man is very different from the version for SNES (SNES has more new options, and this one is a very traditional arcade style). It has the traditional look and sound of a Pac-Man game, only your 'Pac-Man' seems to be a 'Pac-Woman' (indicated by the little red bow on top and the huge red lips). It still has all of the silly little ghosts that you love and the cut scenes every few levels.
It's not the most incredible game to look at. It won't blow your mind. Still, it is fun and easy to learn to play (though not always easy to win).


Run around the board as Ms. Pac-Man and eat all of the dots. The large dots are Power Pellets and will change all of the ghosts to navy blue. While they are like this you can eat them just as you eat the dots or any other special item in the game, but be careful! When they start to flash white, that means the Power Pellet is wearing off and you don't have much longer to finish them off. Eating ghosts will give you points. The more ghosts you eat, the faster you eat them, the more points you get. Many a time I have lost a life trying to be greedy and catch that last ghost while it was flashing. Ah well, feel free to do the same. It's part of the fun. When you eat a ghost it turns into just eye balls that run around the screen trying to get back into the center box. Once the eye balls get back in there, they will turn back into which ever ghost it was that you ate to begin with.
Different kinds of fruit (and, for some reason, a pretzel) will bounce jauntily onto the screen from the little openings in the side of the maze. You can hear the fruit when it does this. If you don't eat the fruit it will eventually leave the same way, and you will lose your chance at a lot of points! Those little holes in the sides of the maze wrap around to the opposite side. If you go through one at the top-left you will come out of the top-right one, etc. This really cuts down on time but can also cut down on your lives if you don't watch what you're doing and a ghost happened to be hanging out over there.
While controlling Ms. Pac-Man you don't have to bear down on the direction you want her to go in all of the time. Just tap the proper direction and she will continue in that direction until you change it again.

Joy Stick/ D-pad Moves Ms. Pac-Man
Start Button Pauses Game
Never Give Up
At some point you will likely get trapped in an area by two ghosts. Don't give up. Just move crazily back and forth or up and down and you might be able to get one of them to change directions, giving you an exit! This does NOT work all of the time but is always worth a try when you are trapped.
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