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Console Classix needs your help!
For those of you who might be interested, Console Classix is now accepting resumes. We are currently in need of developers, artists and web developers to work on various open source projects. Given that Console Classix is a dynamic yet very small company, we need people who are willing to work for the experience and interest in the subject. Although we do not currently have any more available full time positions, this will change in time, Lord willing. Ultimately, our volunteer staff will provide the main pool of talent that we will hire from, so this is the way to get a head start on the competition while enhancing your own experience. If your goal is to one day have a career in virtualization development, these volunteer positions are ideal. We intend to expand our operations to several other projects, including game development. If you have the time, talent, and interest please let us know! We will consider any resume regardless of the level of education and experience. If you are at all interested in this opportunity, please contact:

Aaron Ethridge
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