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ALF, based on the popular wise-mouthed television character from eighties, stinks up the room. This game must have been designed with kids in mind, but it's hard to play and has little direction. It has side scrolling parts and single rooms with no relevant items to aid you in the game (that I could find). There are locked doors, for which you must buy keys, but you don't have money. I found my way to a lower level cave that I could not return from, and could not cross a chasm. Slow moving enemies seem to be difficult to avoid in some situations and are just plain lame. A lumbering "burglar" looking guy, and bats. Let's not forget the mighty rat.
Graphics aren't terribly bad, but there are ridiculous annoyances, like the way ALF squats right before he jumps. Control response is Fair at best and the non-stop video soundtrack is awful.
Nothing cute and cuddly here, just a boring, pointless game. I didn't like ALF before and this certainly did not help him to achieve better standing with me. Go back to Melmac or wherever you're from. And quit eyeballing my cat!!


Wow, this is where I'm at a loss for words. Move ALF around the playing board. Try to find items that don't seem to be findable. Open a couple doors that are unlocked. Search for money to buy stuff. Do not go down in the cave. Look down at your watch. Be Bored. Alright, we won!! Honestly, I could not find the point to this one.
You don't choose things from your inventory, you just use it by pressing the button. If you have the right item, it works, otherwise it doesn't. Oh yeah, and to get back upstairs from the cave, press Up at the bottom of the stairs. You can jump down, but you can't jump back up.

Button 1 Jump
Button 2 Open doors, Use Item
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