Alien Syndrome 1987 By: Sega

Alien Syndrome Master System Screenshot Screenshot 1


The Year: 2089. A mysterious alien space fleet invades human occupied space. Called the Alien Syndrome, they are unlike anything mankind has ever encountered. Their ships are as large as cities. They have weapons powerful enough to destroy planets. With the entire human race threatened, the Alien Syndrome must be stopped.

A battalion of Earth Command Troopers attacks the alien fleet. But they are captured and held hostage. In desperation, Earth Command asks for volunteers to go on a rescue mission.

Only two soldiers are brave enough to step forward. They are Earth Command Troopers RICKY and MARY, the meanest combat troopers in the galaxy!

Armed with only a short range combat rifle, they must infiltrate all seven alien ships, rescue the hostages and escape...alive!

The odds are against them. The aliens can appear anytime... anywhere. The hostages are depending on RICKY and MARY...and on you!

--From the Master System Alien Syndrome instruction manual.

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