Black Belt 1986 By: Sega

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KYOKO, your beautiful Japanese girlfriend, has gotten herself into a beautiful Japanese mess. In order to rescue her, you must first get through a tireless army of enemies.

They're mean. They're like machines. And some of them are armed. With whips, knives, swords, even flamethrowers. Plus, your arch rival, Wang, is as skilled a Master as you are.

Fight smart. And fight hard. Your only weapon is your well-trained, fine-tuned, martial arts body.

--From the Master System Black Belt instruction manual.

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Black Belt on Sega Master System is a martial arts arcade game featuring non-stop action. A home console clone of the popular side-scrolling Data East arcade game Kung Fu Master, Black Belt follows along a similar format. While scrolling through oriental backdrops, you must destroy your enemies for points and attempt to defeat the main boss to advance to the next level.
Black Belt is, I would have to say, just an OK game. It's not terrible, but it's not a 10 either. Action flows smoothly and gameplay is quick-paced. Controller response is decent, but you must time your directional jump-kick properly to hit the opponent. Graphics are pretty good. Nice colors and the sprites are drawn well. The background music sounds like a hybrid theme of traditional oriental music and that 80's pop sound.
Black Belt by Sega is playable and enjoyable. Not the best martial arts game I've played, but I found it interesting enough to play 5 levels. I guess I'll give it 5, across the lips!! (kiop!!)


The player takes control of a martial artist named Riki, who sets out to rescue his girlfriend Kyoko from his rival, Wang. The game is composed of six left-to-right side-scrolling stages in which Riki faces different types of underlings (depending on the stage), facing an occasional sub-bosses at mid-points of certain stages. At the end of each stage, Riki must confront the stage's boss, each being susceptible to only one type of attack. The player must exploit their opponent's weakness and use it to finish the boss off. You start with three lives and no hope of extras. Your life meter is the orange bar at the top.

Button 1 Punch
Button 2 Kick
Jump Kick your Opponent
If you directional kick towards the henchmen, they jump into your attack, and BAM! They're done, dude.
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