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Paperboy is an old arcade game I'd played a few times way back in the day. I remember now how much I liked it, just didn't see it too often, and I don't believe there ever was one in our little community. This Sega Master System version is a fun, almost addicting kind of game.
In Paperboy, you are the Paperboy, riding your bicycle down the street (or up the street, as this is in the top scrolling format) delivering the daily paper to your customers. You also have non-customers on your route. Of course, all kinds of perils are out there to prevent you from doing your job. You must deliver the paper to your customers by throwing it either onto their doorstep or in their paperbox. You also have non-customers, in dark, gloomy houses, which you can throw your paper through their windows.
Graphics are pretty good in this game. Everything has good detail and color. A tune plays as you pedal along, but there aren't many more sound effects. Just the sound of a score when landing a paper on a porch or in a paperbox, and the crashing of windows or your bike. Controller response, I would have to say, is OK. Control of your bike is good, but throwing the papers could leave a little to be desired. Still, it doesn't make the game not fun, and it might just be me and my timing.
All in all, I would recommend this game to anyone. It's a pretty neat game with an obstacle course type of challenge to it. Extra!! Extra!! Paperboy is a good one!!


Paperboy begins on Monday with a scaled down overview of your street, denoting your customers and non-customers. Then you begin your route with 10 papers. Deliver the paper to your customers by throwing it on their doorstep or in the paperbox. If you fail to deliver it or if you throw it through a window, they will cancel their subscription the next day. You can also throw the paper through a non-customer's window for extra points.
Along the way you can pick-up more papers that appear in various places on the route. The extra papers are the only things along the way that are not harmful. Anything else, you must avoid. Obstacles include: dogs that chase you, street workers, break-dancers, their boom boxes, push-mowers (that move at you, even though no one's pushing it), kids on trikes and unicyclists. If you run into any of these perils, you lose a life. If, at the end of a day, all customers cancel their subscriptions (because you failed to deliver a single paper properly), the game is over.
A nice bonus at the end of the street is a "stunt path" with ramps and targets that you throw your remaining papers at for extra points. At the end of that course is a set of bleachers where cheerleaders hold up signs, proclaiming their love for you. The game begins again on the next day, with increased difficulty.

Button 1 Throw Paper
Button 2 Throw Paper
Time to Deliver
Landing the paper in the paperbox yields more points than the doorstep. The paperbox is usually the last shot at most houses, so be sure to make that one count!
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