SpellCaster 1989 By: Sega

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Once upon a time your name was Kane Tensen. Your parents were simple farmers in the rolling hills of old Japan. But you had ambitions. You wanted to become a great and noble warrior. So on your thirteenth birthday, your parents let you join Summit Tmple, where the ancient arts of battle were taught. When you joined, you gave up your last name and became simply known as Kane. Years passed...and you learned powers greater than you had ever dreamed. The ability to cll down the strengths of the gods! To fly, cast lightning bolts and balls of fire! You became a mystic warrior, protecting the innocent, searching for higher truths and building the strengths that would make you the most powerful kind of warrior, a SpellCaster. Your life was peaceful...until the attacks began.

The first temples destroyed were the small ones high in the mountains. The villagers in the little mountain towns said that the temples had been attacked by an unnamed, evil army of humans and nightmarish creatures who struck like lightning and then disappeared.

Daikak, the wise leader of Summit Tmple, sent groups of warriors out to guard the temples. They never returned. Still, he was able to learn a little about the true nature of the problem. Monumental events were taking place that would change the fate of the World! Gods and demons were being summoned from the Otherworld. Powerful, ancient relics of power and magic were being unearthed. Clans gathered on all parts of the country.

And you, the mystic warrior known only as Kane, were to be the most important player in the life-and-death dramam that was about to begin.

Daikak summoned you and sent you to check on a group of warriors guarding a temple. As you left, you felt grim certainty that the coming events would not be pleasant. Whatever the future held would forge you as certain as fire forges a strong sword.

It was time to face your destiny. Go now, and face your true calling as SpellCaster!

--From the Master System SpellCaster instruction manual.

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