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Maria, your beautiful girlfriend, has been kidnapped by an evil gang of thugs and punks: The Rogues.

Up to now, they have stayed on their own turf. However, their sheer numbers have made them bold. And Maria is the first victim!

You are the Vigilante, master of the ancient art of Kung-fu. Nobody is as brave...or as determined to stop the Rogues. Maria is your babe...and you are going to get her back. Eyes narrowed, heart pounding, you know what you must do.

Immediately you begin your trek down the street, headed for the gang's headquarters. No one touches your beloved Maria. No one terrorizes the people on your turf! One against many, you set out alone.

Fight dirty if you must. Use every skill you possess to battle your way through the streets. Knock out the punks and finish off the five Area Bosses. But your final quest is inside the Rogues' headquarters. there you will find your beautiful Maria...and the Big Boss. Succeed, and you'll leave together, the streets freed of The Rogues. Fail, and your fate and hers are sealed forever!

--From the Master System Vigilante instruction manual.

All copies are in use - 1 copies are available for full accounts.
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