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Curses! After having defeated the mighty MEKA dragon, Wonder Boy discovers to his dismay that a terrible spell has been cast on him by the mortally wounded beast: He's been changed into a Lizard-Man!

Now the only thing that can save him is the Salamander Cross. Legend has it that the magical cross has been hidden by the Vampire Dragon deep within Monster Land. To get the cross and change Wonder Boy back to his original appearance, you'll have to journey through desert, jungles, under the deep blue sea and even underground. And in each of these lands, you'll have to overcome an evil dragon!

Guide Wonder Boy through Monster Land, but be prepared to battle some of the most deadly, frightening creatures you've ever faced. Each step can mean death. each battle may be the last. Above all, be prepared for change!

--From the Master System Wonder Boy 3: The Dragon's Trap instruction manual.

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