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You have a complicated and dangerous mission ahead of you. First of all, you're a member of the White Knights, a peacekeeping force within the Planetary System. Your efforts are needed to obstruct the takeover planned by the Norsa Empire.

Within the Norsa's heavily protected labyrinth of rooms lies the key to your success: five floppy disks which contain their entire plan for destruction. If you can obtain these disks, you'll have the power to end their designs on domination.

You're armed with the protection of the Zillion Laser in addition to the added defense of Champ, Apple and Amy. Apple and Champ are trapped in the maze, and it's your responsibility to free them too.

Now, this is an exercise in memory and strategy, so you may want to keep a pen and pad handy. Because in order to discover the disks and reach the main computer, you'll need to travel many confusing paths. And don't be discouraged if you feel lost and unsure, your trek requires hours of playing time to succeed. Good Luck.

--From the Master System Zillion instruction manual.

All copies are in use - 2 copies are available for full accounts.
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