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Darius Twin (SNES)
Thousand of years ago, Proco and Tiat escaped from the planet Darius which had been invaded by Belser. The descendants of Proco and Tiat established the Federation of the Galaxy on the planet Orga. But now Belser's evil...

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Gradius 3 (SNES)
Are you ready for some out-of-this-world action? Then play Gradius III! This game is like most scrolling space shooters: fly through the galaxy and shoot the enemy ships. Good luck! You're the galaxy's last hope. I might have expected a little...

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Kirby's Block Ball (Gameboy)
Kirby is in another match against King Dedede. This time, he is in a Breakout-style game. In every stage, you have to get rid of all the bricks to complete it....

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Lemmings (Genesis)
What is a Lemming? Lemmings are actually very small rodents that live in Northern Europe. Every so many years an unusual event happens: The Lemmings population explodes and grows to immense proportions. At this time, the multitudes travel...

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Lethal Enforcers (Genesis)
After bringing a murderer to prison, you decided to go to the donut shop for a break. While sipping the last drop of coffee, you got a call from the police department. They said that a major crime organization has invaded town, and they need your...

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Mortal Kombat (SNES)
The story isn't very important, but the fighting is. You start with the main menu that lets you choose between Tournament and Options. Tournament gets you to the action, and Options lets you set up the game to your liking. After selecting...

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MTV's Remote Control (NES)
This game is based on the show which aired on MTV in the late 1980s. It uses your usual quiz show format and asks you about the characters and events in popular TV show. You pick a category out of nine and a question is given. Buzz in first for...

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Narc (NES)
Earning your way through training, you have become one of the DEA's top narcs. Shortly after the promotion, you get a call from headquarters reminding that there is a drug bust occuring near downtown. Your goal is to stop the dealers before...

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Pokemon Trading Card Game (GBC)
It was just another typical day of Pokemon card trading with Ronald, a kid from your neighborhood. As always, you were trying to complete your collection of Pokemon Trading Cards when you overheard an ear-catching rumor... The Legendary Pokemon...

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Slalom (NES)
You wake up on a wintry morning and decide to go skiing. You then get in your car and drive to the slopes. When you arrive, the person at the ski shop tells about the upcoming ski competition. You went ahead and registered. Finally, the day has...

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Star Soldier (NES)
A strange and evil presence is lurking in space. Crushing everything in its path, destroying spaceships full of innocent people, the Starbrain is threatening the entire Galactic Empire. Starbrain, a giant...

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Street Combat (SNES)
If you think that this is a mix between Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, you're dead wrong. Here's how the game works. When you start, you can choose from two fighters...I mean one fighter with two sets of clothing. After that, the game starts. ...

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Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits (SNES)
This is one of the compilations that game companies occasionally come up with. The games are as follows:

Defender: In this side-scrolling space shooter, you have to defeat all the enemies to continue to the next level.


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