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Contra (NES)
User's Average Rating: 5
Bonk100's Rating: 5
This is one of the best NES games ever!!! try the 30-man code! I've never tried it though...

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SolSnake3000's Rating: 4.5
This is probably Konami's best game for the NES.

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Snoogweasle's Rating: 5
This is a great game for the NES. It is my favorite NES game and is one of the best NES games out there.

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klzmm's Rating: 5
There's a code that will give you 30 lives to start with: at the start up screen press up up down down left right left right b a then start and you'll start with 30 lives

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chiekous2206's Rating: 4.5
One of the best games for the NES, but they could've loosened up on the difficulty.

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