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Legend of Zelda (NES)
User's Average Rating: 5
puddytoes's Rating: 4.5
This and Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt were the only two carts I had for my NES. This is the only one I ever needed, I played it endlessly. Favorite game/series of all time. This version is a spot-on match to the original; the only way it could get better is if I had it on my NES.

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Bonk100's Rating: 5
this is a classic, i don't have an NES but this is a great game. i still prefer Megaman 1 over this but the game is awesome!

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gamerman2's Rating: 5
It's Zelda, it has to rock!

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Ghostrid3's Rating: 5
The first time I started, I started on the third file. That was very awesome. I got a sword before I got a boomerang. I had to fight Ganonn's henchmen. That was very, very, very, very awesome!

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Cracker90's Rating: 5
The best Role playing game ever developed

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