Anticipation 1988 By: Rare

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It's like Win, Lose or Draw, and just as fun :)


Anticipation is a one to four player game, with the pieces
being high heels, a bugle, a teddy bear, and an ice cream
cone. Choose the number of players, and computer players. Select your skill level and you start. You'll be on a board. There will be four different colors you can land on: yellow, green, blue, and pink. When you land on a spot, you get taken to a new area. A picture is drawn on this area, and when it is done, you have to spell out the name of the whatever the picture is of (if it is a picture of a rabbit, you spell out rabbit). In the upper right hand corner, a die will slowly move from six to zero. If you don't attempt to answer before it hits zero, you get another card. Otherwise, it will be on a number while you solve the puzzle. Remember this number because...

A Button Buzz In
B Button Back
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button None
Don't forget that each color is a different category of puzzle.
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