Raid on Bungeling Bay 1985 By: Hudson

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We have obtained information that the Bungeling Empire is trying to conquer the Earth by developing a War Machine. In order to stop this, you must sneak into their center (Bungeling Bay) to destroy the six secret factories using a helicopter. This is your mission.

--From the NES Raid on Bungeling Bay instruction manual.

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The Bungeling Empire is attempting to take over the world! Your mission is to fly in with your attack helicopter and destroy their factories before they can finish their War Machine. You are not alone, fortunately you will be backed up by an Aircraft Carrier which can repair damage to your chopper and renew your supply of bombs.


Bungeling Bay is the center of the Empire's military operations. There are six weapons factories located on the various islands of the Bay. Each factory is surrounded by radar dishes to track your movements, as well as machine gun turrets, surface-to-air missiles, and tanks. In addition there are patrol boats in the waters of Bungeling Bay, and airstrips on the islands which will send fighter jets to attack both your helicopter and your Carrier.
The Raid on Bungeling Bay is about to begin! Search the islands for factories, destroying defenses along the way. The Bay is approximately 10 screens high and 10 screens wide, and wraps around so that you will contantly circle the battlefield if you move in one direction. To destroy a factory you will often need your entire payload of bombs, sometimes even more, so always return to the carrier after destroying a factory. Also the carrier will repair any damage you have sustained on your bombing runs. You will see your damage represented by a number between 0 and 100. The chopper becomes harder to control the more damage it takes, and when damage exceeds 100 you will go into a tailspin, crash and burn.
Remember that the factories are your primary concern. All other enemies are just there to protect the factories, and in fact the factories will just keep producing more tanks, planes, boats and turrets. Also keep in mind that if you bomb a factory but do not destroy it, it will rebuild itself over time. You will see whether a factory is active by the flashing lights on it. When the lights go dark, the factory is disabled. It will be repairing itself but won't produce any more tanks, turrets, or radar.
Finally, you must be concerned with keeping your Carrier afloat. It will be attacked by enemy bombers and eventually by a Battleship. You must shoot down the bombers and bomb the Battleship before they sink your Carrier, otherwise you will no longer be able to get more bombs or repair your vehicle. If you can find the Docks and hit the Battleship before it is completed, it will be much easier to destroy.

Up Accelerate Forward
Down Stop, Move Backwards Slowly
A Button Fire Guns, Take Off and Land on Carrier
B Button Drop Bombs
Start Button Start, Pause
Select Button Choose Game Type
Take Out the Radar!
Radar Dishes and Patrol Boats are the enemy's primary resource for tracking your movements and sending defensive forces against you. Take them out quickly whenever you see them, to prevent them from sending fighter jets after you.
If you can find the Runways you can take out fighters and bombers on the ground, while they can't fight back!
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