Robo Warrior 1988 By: Jaleco

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In the distant future, overpopulation and pollution have plunged planet Earth into near ruin. World leaders have no way to solve the crisis, so they turn to Altile, a very wise scientist for possible answers. Altile is a genius, and after a short period of thought, devises a plan to rid the Earth of this terrible curse. In the year 2395 Earth's scientists and engineers follow Altile's plans and construct an artificial planet in the far reaches of the galaxy that will be home to a portion of the overpopulated Earth's people. All the people of Earth work together to complete and colonize the artificial planet. Unfortunately, Altile dies shortly after crafting his plans for the new world, and never sees his dreams come true. So, in his memory, the people name the planet Altile. Besides providing a new and peaceful home for the people of Earth, the new planet Altile also unites the nations of the Earth. Thoughts of war disappear and the half-man/half-machine RoboWarriors, who have defended the Earth for so long, are deactivated, and the two planets, Earth and Altile, exist in harmony.

But in the year 2036 A.A. (After Altile), led by their ruthless dictator Xur, the Xantho Empire from another dimension invade Altile, deactivating its specially constructed weather-control system and plunging the peace-loving people into bitter cold. The Xantho aliens transform the surface of the beautiful green planet into a barren and brown wasteland for their own diabolical uses. The inhabitants of Altile flee underground to escape the frigid temperatures that the Xantho Empire have inflicted on their planet. Before leaving, however, they send a message to their sister planet Earth begging for help. Although the Xanthos are cruel, the brave people of Altile vow never to surrender.

The Earth scientists receive the Altile plea and quickly reactivate the Z-Type Earth Defense cyborg (ZED), the most powerful of all RoboWarriors. They ready ZED for combat, preparing their fastest spaceship to send him across the galaxy to Altile. ZED lands in Landor on Altile, far from the alien Xantho main invasion force, yet he can see the terrible destruction Xur and his Xantho Empire have inflicted upon Altile-green plants withered, beautiful birds and animals gone. ZED knows he has to reach the weather-control station, but it's feared that Xur himself commands the vital base. ZED also holds a secret that will help him defeat Xur. Before disappearing underground, the people of Altile have left many assorted energy capsules hidden on the surface of their planet. These energy capsules not only increase the fighting abilities of RoboWarrior, but other special functions as well. ZED knows he must find the capsules to topple the Xanthos and restore freedom to Altile.

As you will discover, Altile is a magical land filled with wonderful surprises and plenty of challenges. You'll encounter dozens of strange aliens and see fantastic sights as you guide ZED on his quest above and below the surface of Altile. On your way to a final confrontation with Xur, you must use all your weapons and bombs to uncover the secret powers left by the people of Altile in order to help you defeat the Lords of Xanthos. It's a dangerous mission, but tremendous awards await ZED and the people of Altile should you succeed.

--From the NES Robo Warrior instruction manual.

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