Shadowgate 1989 By: Icom Simulations

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As the last of the Line of Kings, only you possess the power to prevent the evil Warlock Lord from raising the Behemoth and unleashing it upon the land. Your quest lies within the Castle Shadowgate with its secret passageways, collapsing floors, and armed creatures. Your courage and wisdom will see you through... but a good sword might be helpful.

--From the NES Shadowgate instruction manual.

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Shadowgate was a very cool point and click game. The graphics were very good because they were almost all still. Shadowgate was super hard though. This was one of the few games that would actually let you do something that would make it impossible to complete the game. It was very much a thinking game. There were a lot of puzzles to figure out. I don't think I actually ever beat the game when I was younger. I found a walkthrough for it a couple of years ago and beat it though. If you play it I suggest that you look at everything, and maybe even try to use it. You have to hurry though, if you run out of torches for light, your game will be over. Shadowgate was a great idea for a game and I reccomend you give it a try.


You must explore the depths of the castle and prevent the evil Warlock Lord
from bring darkness upon the land.

A Button Click
B Button None
Start Button Start/Hints
Select Button Hints
Strange Torch
In the game you will find a weird torch that you can't light, use it on the wraith and it will destroy him.
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