Starship Hector 1987 By: Hudson Soft

Starship Hector NES Screenshot Screenshot 1


In the Star Year of 2038, the Fourth World War on Earth destroyed all of mankind. The Starship Hector was thousands of light years away on an exploration mission. Upon their return to what is now ancient Earth, the Starship Hector found Earth to be desolate and inhabited by gruesome Bio-Mechanical Creatures.

Starship Hector must fight its way past many different empires of these Bio-Mechanical Creatures to save Earth's future. This challenge will be the toughest battle the Starship Hector will ever face. You must skillfully change battle strategies constantly.

This is the ultimate challenge to your battle skills. The objective is to help the Starship Hector to survive in Ancient Earth and to defeat the gruesome Bio-Mechanical Creatures. Earth's future is in your skillful hands!

--From the NES Starship Hector instruction manual.

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