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Mr. Chin has done it again. In his never ending search for ultimate delicacies, he has raised the wrath of people better left alone. Now he has found himself in deep trouble.

Mr. Chin has disturbed the Thunderwarrior with his continuing pursuit of gourmet foods. The Thunderwarrior's voice echoed, "There are foods better left uneaten, answers better left unknown, and places better left unseen. You shall pay the price for your mischievous antics. I will punish you with the 30 Walls of Regret. You will only have a mere stick to protect yourself as you use your weapon, the Demoe Ball, to survive. Aim your Demoe Ball to smash through the 30 Walls of Regret one by one as you encounter many enemies. If you succeed, you are free to go. However, if you fail, you will be doomed to remain forever within the Walls of Regret."

With the voice of the Thunderwarrior still ringing in his ears, Mr. Chin is taken away by the Thunderwarrior's guards to the place of punishment. Mr. Chin is pushed inside a dark chamber made of heavy stone. He looks around. There seems to be no means of escape. The room begins to glow, revealing finer details. A brilliant light shines as Mr. Chin looks toward the ceiling, which is hidden by a strange mist. As the mist clears, Mr. Chin defiantly holds up his only weapons, the stick and the Demoe Ball. He shoots the Demoe Ball up, vaporizing a part of the first Wall of Regret. The Demoe Ball rebounds. With quick action, Mr. Chin hits the Demoe Ball with his stick and vaporizes another part of the wall. And another. And another.

A glimmer of hope enters Mr. Chin's mind. If he keeps this up, he may escape this chamber of doom...

--From the NES Thunder & Lightning instruction manual.

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