The page cannot be displayed

This error will be encountered if you attempt to load a game and you do not have the client installed. The solution is simply to Download and Install the client.

Error 10057, 10061 or 11004

This means that the client has been unable to connect to our server. The client uses an Internet port, which is blocked by most firewalls and Internet security software. If you are behind a firewall you will have to talk to the firewall administrator. If you have your own Internet security system you can handle it yourself. In either case communications on port 11001 must be allowed.

Atari games load, but won't start

Most games for the Atari 2600 required that you hit reset before you start playing. The reset button for the Atari emulator is F1.

The SNES emulator places its configuration files on my desktop

This is a bug in the SNES emulator. We hope to have it resolved in a later release of the client.

The NES emulator continues movement after the button is released

This is also an issue we hope to resolve soon. Sometimes the emulator may continue moving in the last direction the user pushed until the user pushes another button. We are uncertain as to why this is happening and have been unable to reproduce this error. If you are experiencing it please report the bug with as much detail as possible.

GameBoy shows only part of the games screen or has other major graphic errors

The GameBoy emulator only supports 16- or 32-bit color. You are probably using 24-bit color. Right-click on your Desktop, click Properties, then Settings, and select 16-bit or 32-bit color.

The games run too fast to be playable

Make sure you have set each system to Auto Frame Rate. In SNES, press Esc to bring up the menu, then click Config->Options->Auto Frame Rate. In Genesis, click Graphic->Frame Skip->Auto. In NES, click Options->Preferences... and make sure Speed Throttling and Auto Frameskip are checked.

Console Classix Client Screen does not show up properly

Q: I have downloaded Console Classix Client, and my password works, but the menu where I select games does not function right. I do not see all of the console classix menu, like the letters to the right. What's wrong? A: That has to do with your DPI settings. You can change them by going to: Start->Control Panel->Display->Settings->Advanced --- Set your DPI to 96.

Saving Games

Q: Can I save my game on your programs so I don't have to beat it all in one sitting? Even games that don't have a built-in save feature? A: Yes, our programs have Quick Save to let you instantly save your game. On NES, Coleco, Master System and Game Gear, press F5 to Save and F7 to Load. On Game Boy and SNES, press F2 to Save and F4 to Load. On Genesis, press F5 to Save and F8 to Load. On Game Boy Advance press Ctrl+S to Save and Ctrl+L to Load. Q: Why is it that when I save a game on one computer on my username, that when I log in on a different computer, my saved game isn't there? A: The NES has a feature called "Server Save" that will allow you to do that. Press F6 to save, then you can launch the game on another computer and press F8 to Load. Currently only the NES supports Server Save. We will be adding it to the other systems in time.

Sound and Video Problems

Q: The games load but they run very slow and sound bad. A: You need to make sure you have the latest version of DirectX for your system. You can get it here:

Forgotten Username or Password

Q: I have forgotten my username. How can I retrieve it? A: Send an email to the staff for help, at the bottom of this page. You may need to provide the full name or email address you gave us when you signed up.

Controller Set-Up

Q: I am having trouble configuring my keyboard or game controller to work with your games. A: The easiest way to configure your controls, is to go through the Console Classix Client (Start-> Programs-> ConsoleClassix). Click on Controls at the bottom left of the screen. Click the name of the system you want to set-up your controls for. Then you can click on each control and press the button or key you want to use for that function, or click Set All at the bottom to quickly go through all the settings. Remember to click Save Settings when you're done.

Keyboard Problem

Q: The keys on the keyboard seem to freeze on me and the game keeps playing. I've played with all the settings available and nothing helps. A: This seems to be a keyboard interface issue. Very few users have it, but if you do have it there's only one good fix for it at the moment: Get a game pad or controller. We hope to eventually get the keyboard bug fixed.

Account Access

Q: I paid my five dollars a month about an hour ago and it still says I need to upgrade. A: Due to payment processing, your upgrade can take up to 24 hours, occassionally longer, to go through. If you still cannot access the games after this time, please contact our staff.

Wrong Game Launches

Q: Sometimes when I go to launch a game from the Console Classix Client, it loads an entirely different game. What's going on? A: This is a bug that a few users get; the problem will be fixed in a later release of the client. To prevent this from happening, always launch your games from the website instead.

Billing Problems

Q: I have upgraded my account and I was charged $5 twice for my first month of service. A: The company that handles our credit card billing first authorizes a charge and then a short time later processes it. You have actually only been billed once. Your card issuer can verify this.

Non-Windows Operating Systems

Q: I use a Mac (or Linux, etc.) rather than a PC. Can I play Console Classix games? A: At the moment we do not have Mac, Linux or other versions of our client software. This is something we plan to change in the future.

Cancel Service

In order to cancel your subscription, you simply need to log in to our website, then click the "My Account" button in the top right corner. You will find the link to Cancel Your Account there. Please note that removing our software from your computer does not cancel your subscription.

Game Pad Recommendation

Q: Can you suggest a computer controller or game pad to use with your program? A: Console Classix should work with any Windows compatible controller. However, we can recommend the solution that many of our staff use daily. Logitech's gamepads are quality products, and we have tested a few models to ensure compatibility with our software. You can get them from our online store by going to Shopping->CC Store in the top menu, or from many local retailers. If you want the true Retro experience, you can get an actual, genuine NES controller (or several other classic systems) converted to a USB connector, from Retro Zone

Game Genie Support

In the long run we do plan to implement Game Genie support for all our emulators. Currently the Genesis, Game Boy and SNES can use Game Genie codes, but they do not work reliably for all users. Again, this is something that we are working on and hope to improve in the future.

Payment Methods

Q: I don't have a credit card, but I have a PayPal account. Can I use PayPal to upgrade? A: Unfortunately, we cannot accept PayPal at the current time. However, PayPal has a debit/credit card feature. You should be able to use your PayPal credit card number to upgrade. Q: Can I pay by check or money order instead of using a credit card to upgrade my account? A: You can pay by money order for a yearly subscription, but not for a monthly subscription. Send a money order for $59.99 payable to Console Classix Inc., along with your Username and email address where we can reach you to:
            ATTN: Subscriptions
            Console Classix
            760 Whittle Pond Rd
            Williston, SC 29853

How do I change my password?

To change your password, log in and go to the My Account page. Enter your new password in the password field, and click the Edit Account button.
To log in you must already have an account.

Vista color bug

Some Vista users have reported that the colors on the NES games are distorted or "negative." The following is a fix that has worked for some users: While the the game was on I went to Options then Graphics. I made sure that (Double size) was checked, on Palette (Calculate palette) was checked, on Fullscreen... Device was on (Primary Display Driver), Mode (640x480x8), made sure (Use integer scaling [2x, 3x, 4x...]) and (Switch to fullscreen on ROM load) was checked. Then I clicked OK.
After that was done I put the game on full screen. At first... the game was in full screen but color wasn't right so I minimized and then then pressed Alt+Enter to Maximize it again.

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