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California Games
I'm not sure why they chose to call it 'California Games' except as a shameless plug for the state of California. This series showcases popular outdoor games that were (and still are) great pastimes for all kinds of people in all kinds of places.

California Games NES Screenshot 1
California Games (NES)
Welcome to California, home of the most awesome sports going! You're invited to tour the Golden State as you tackle six challenging events.

First stop is Hollywood, for radical skateboard action on the Half Pipe. Then it's up to San Francisco for some fancy footwork in the Foot Bag contest. After that, chill out on the beach with Surfing and Rollerskating competitions.

Still got some energy? Hit the desert to pump your pedals in BMX Bike Racing. Then wind up a whirl-wind tour at Yosemite for a fling with the Flying Disk. That's six massive events. You're gonna have your hands full. Not to mention your feet!

Practice your moves. In no time flat, you'll be aggro enough to attack the competition! Be the Best in the West, and you'll capture the first place trophy!
--From the NES California Games instruction manual.

California Games is a lot of fun to play. I especially like the hackey sack game. The BMX competition is pretty fun too. The graphics are pretty good for the NES. The back grounds looked good, and the animation was nice and fluid. The controls were kinda hard to figure out on some events, but it was still fun. The sounds were pretty good. The song "Wipeout" plays while you are surfing.

The gameplay was set up well. It allowed you to practice any event you want to. Then, when you think you're ready, you can compete in each event and see how good you really are. Since you get scores from judges, you can also play against your friends to see who can get the highest score. This game was a sign of the times. It showed what was popular with the kids of the nineties. If you like hobbies and sports that were popular with the kids of the nineties, then you'll love California Games.

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California Games Sega Genesis Screenshot 1
California Games (Sega Genesis)
Introducing the gnarliest bunch of games under the sun. Games invented on the beaches by sun-baked beach bums with a fondness for ripping, grinding, and shredding. With six radically thrilling events intended to bring you to the edge and blow your mind. And make adrenalin California's most plentiful natural resource.

Wish they all could be California Games.
Get ready to shred the face off an awesomely tubular wave. Turn a "berm" on a BMX bike and spray up a wall of dirt. Launch a few feet off-the-lip with your skateboard tucked high. And while you're up there, dance on the crowd. Or if you're feeling like kicking back a bit, float a flying disk, juggle a foot bag with your heels, or just slalom the boardwalk on skates.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.
But this ain't beach blanket bingo. In fact, before you even set foot on California turf, you'll choose an on-screen sponsor from among the heaviest names on the circuit. Then, hit the competition route. Prizes include trophies for a single event and a top prize in overall competition.

So get air. Go crazy. Welcome to a new state of intensity.

  • Get "amped" to surf, skateboard on the half pipe, bike BMX-style, kick-back with a foot bag, roller-skate and fling the flying disc.
  • Compete on California's beaches, parks, and its rough and tumbly desert turf.
  • Win enough trophies to become a California Champion.

--from the back cover of California Games

California Games is just what is sounds like: Outdoor, fun in the sun sporting games. Choose from Half Pipe (skateboarding), Surfing, Foot Bag (hacky sack), Skating, or BMX biking. Compete in all events or just choose a few. This also makes a good party game if your friends like old video games because you can play with up to 9 people alternating.

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California Games Sega Master System Screenshot 1
California Games (Sega Master System)
Welcome to California. Home of the most radical sports in the world. Rad, bad and aggro. You're about to hit the beaches, parks and boardwalks of the Golden State to go for trophies in everything from surfing to bike racing. California Games gives you the hottest sports. And the most aggro competition. You even get to pick your own sponsor.

So pull on those kneepads. You're about to get into the most fun you've had since Mom hid your skateboard. CALIFORNIA GAMES is going to take you from the surf to the turf. From the pipe to the parks. Are you gonna love it or what?

We'll start you off in the heart of Hollywood, with skateboards in hot competition on the radical Half Pipe. Then we'll rocket up to San Francisco for the high-flying Foot Bag and some really wild footwork. After that, it's down to the beach for two of the coolest sports we've got in California. There's an awesome Roller Skating event, followed by the king of coastal competition... Surfing. You'll be shooting the tube and carving the biggest breakers around.

Over at the dirt track, you'll pump the pedals of a BMX racing bike. And your moves had better be bad. For the grand finale, you'll go to Yosemite where you'll be flinging the fantastic Flying Disk. That's six massive evens. You're gonna have your hands full. Not to mention your feet.

You're about to get into the wildest games of them all... CALIFORNIA GAMES. It's only, like, the most totally awesome game in the world!
--From the Sega Master System California Games instruction manual.

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California Games 2 Super Nintendo Screenshot 1
California Games 2 (Super Nintendo)
Prepare to shred, dudes and dudettes (and we don't mean cheese). Hang Gliding target practice, Skateboarding in the aqueducts, Snowboarding on Mt. Shasta, Bodyboarding in Santa Cruz and Jet Surfing on Monterrey Bay await your most excellent presence. Up to eight different people can play in the competition. Get the highest overall score and you can become the Supreme Dude or Dudette of the beach. Just show Zak what you're made of. He's the guru who hands out the points. But don't worry, he's real easy to impress... Not!
--from the back cover of California Games II for SNES

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