California Games 1987 By: Rare Ltd.

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Welcome to California, home of the most awesome sports going! You're invited to tour the Golden State as you tackle six challenging events.

First stop is Hollywood, for radical skateboard action on the Half Pipe. Then it's up to San Francisco for some fancy footwork in the Foot Bag contest. After that, chill out on the beach with Surfing and Rollerskating competitions.

Still got some energy? Hit the desert to pump your pedals in BMX Bike Racing. Then wind up a whirl-wind tour at Yosemite for a fling with the Flying Disk. That's six massive events. You're gonna have your hands full. Not to mention your feet!

Practice your moves. In no time flat, you'll be aggro enough to attack the competition! Be the Best in the West, and you'll capture the first place trophy!

--From the NES California Games instruction manual.

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California Games is a lot of fun to play. I especially like the hackey sack game. The BMX competition is pretty fun too. The graphics are pretty good for the NES. The back grounds looked good, and the animation was nice and fluid. The controls were kinda hard to figure out on some events, but it was still fun. The sounds were pretty good. The song "Wipeout" plays while you are surfing.
The gameplay was set up well. It allowed you to practice any event you want to. Then, when you think you're ready, you can compete in each event and see how good you really are. Since you get scores from judges, you can also play against your friends to see who can get the highest score. This game was a sign of the times. It showed what was popular with the kids of the nineties. If you like hobbies and sports that were popular with the kids of the nineties, then you'll love California Games.


You try to compete in several sports and games to win trophies, or you can practice them until you're ready to compete. Those sports include skateboarding, surfing, BMX, rollerskating, hackysack, and frisbee.

The controls vary from sport to sport, so check the manual for control instructions here
Get Many Points for BMX
When playing the BMX part of the game, press select to score points. You can keep pressing this to gain as many points as you want.
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