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Arcade Classics Sega Genesis Screenshot 1
Arcade Classics (Sega Genesis)
This is a very entertaining game for the Genesis Console. It's almost an entire arcade in one little game. The games that are included are UltraPong, Missile Command, and Centipede. The graphics are colorful and lively, especially on the Sega version. You can also choose to play the Classic versions. Both versions are filled with plenty of MIDI tunes to fill your ears up. The games are very fun, and good to pass the time with. These really are some of the classics that today's kids just don't know about.

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Arcade Classics Sega GameGear Screenshot 1
Arcade Classics (Sega GameGear)
Ultrapong, Missle Command, and Centipede. Three challenging classics in one place. All games I love. Just about everyone knows what these games look and sound like. They are classic Atari: bright and uncomplicated. The Game Gear controller format and emulator make this easier to play than the Atari versions.

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Centipede Atari 2600 Screenshot 1
Centipede (Atari 2600)
The Enchanted Forest

Once upon a time in a misty, enchanted forest, there lived a colony of good elves. These elves had a major problem, though. Their prized mushroom garden was infested with pests--a giant Centipede, a poison-spreading scorpion, a mischief-making spider, and a pesky flea. The good elves tried everything they could to rid their garden of these bugs. But nothing worked.

One day, an elf named Oliver was hacking away at a poisoned mushroom in the garden. Suddenly, he saw an unusual stick gleaming in the dirt. Just as Oliver picked up the stick, a spider jumped out from behind a mushroom and rushed at him. When Oliver waved his hands wildly to try to scare the spider away, sparks flew from his stick and the spider disappeared!

"How did that happen?" Oliver wondered out loud. "Could this be a magic wand?"

Soon Oliver had another chance to try the wand. When the scorpion scurried across a row of mushroom, poisoning every mushroom it touched, Oliver pointed the wand at the scorpion and shouted, "Be gone!" Instantly, the scorpion disappeared and the poisoned mushrooms were transformed back into normal mushrooms.

"This is great! This is the tool we need to clean up our mushroom garden!" Oliver shouted ecstatically.

With his new found magic wand, Oliver hid behind a mushroom. "OK, you great big Centipede," he said. "Come out wherever you are. I'm ready for you now!"
--From the Atari 2600 Centipede instruction manual.

Centipede is credited as the first game to be developed by a woman. It was also one of the first arcade games to have a rather large female fan base. This port to the 2600 is good. The graphics don't look that close to the original, but that's typical for the Atari. The sounds were good considering the lack of hardware power of the 2600. The important thing was the gameplay which stayed pretty true to form. It was still a lot of fun to play. The controls were decent but they were nothing compared to the ball controller on the arcade machine. Although, while playing on CC you can use your mouse for the controller which is a lot closer to the original ball controller.

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Centipede Gameboy Screenshot 1
Centipede (Gameboy)

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Centipede Gameboy Color Screenshot 1
Centipede (Gameboy Color)

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Centipede Coleco Screenshot 1
Centipede (Coleco)
One glorious spring day you hike into a dense forest that you've never before explored. As you push deeper into the woods, the trees close up behind you and the forest grows increasingly dark and ominous. You get a creepy feeling and decide to go back. A chill plays up and down your spine when you turn and realize you're lost. You collapse onto a flat rock beneath an enormous spreading tree and try to regain your sense of direction. A grey squirrel chatters at you. "How do I get out of here?" you sigh out loud.

To your amazement, the squirrel speaks!

"Help us and we'll show you the way" promises the squirrel.
"This is an enchanted forest" explains the squirrel. "We peace-loving animals must suffer the hostile attacks of an evil Centipede, a deadly spider, a venomous flea, and a poisonous scorpion. Will you help?"

"I guess so. But how?"

Suddenly a bird flies over, releasing three white feathers.

"Catch those," the squirrel instructs.

As you catch the feathers, they transform into three glowing wands.

"Now you can go to battle for us," says the squirrel. "With those magic wands, you can shoot sparks at the Centipede. When any section of the Centipede is hit, it turns into a powerless mushroom. You can also stun the spider, flea, and scorpion with sparks, and they will disappear for a short time.

But, if one of them bites you before you spark it, you lose consciousness and your magic wand is snatched away"

Suddenly you hear a leaf-shaking shriek and the animals scurry about in a frenzy of terror.

"Look out!" cries the squirrel "Here comes the Centipede!"
--From the Coleco Centipede instruction manual.

Is that a great story or what? You have to admit that, with a game that's so simple to play, that's a pretty involved little story. It gives me a good chuckle anyway.

Just about everyone has played this classic game in one form or another. The mechanics are easy to learn and operate. No complicated chicanery here. Just straightforward blast the badguy fun.

The graphics are incredibly simple and still interesting like some kind of modern graphic art. Neon and bright colors are positioned against a pitch black background that makes them pop. There isn't really any music, just the noise of the centipede approaching and if this gets on your nerves just put it in the S.A.T.A.B.R.B.E.T.T.V.O.O.M.T.G.C.A.T.T.O.A.T.O.O.O.C category which stands for "small annoyances that are best resolved by either turning the volume off or muting the game completely and then turning on a tune of one's own choice". I find this category to be very useful when dealing with Colecovision games. I'm just not a big fan of beeping, blipping, or static, which is your usual fare with these games. Still, I am a fan of Colecovision over all and find many of its arcade-style games very engaging and enjoyable.

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Arcade Classic 2 Gameboy Screenshot 1
Arcade Classic 2 (Gameboy)
Another set of classic arcade games. In this game, play either Millipede or Centipede. These games are virtually the same, the only differences are the colors of the centipede and millipede, and the number of legs, I guess (You can't really tell).

Like most arcade games there isn't much of a storyline. The graphics are decent, but the sound is pretty much just noise. Turn it off.

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Millipede NES Screenshot 1
Millipede (NES)

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