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Ultrapong, Missle Command, and Centipede. Three challenging classics in one place. All games I love. Just about everyone knows what these games look and sound like. They are classic Atari: bright and uncomplicated. The Game Gear controller format and emulator make this easier to play than the Atari versions.


Your ship is at the bottom of the screen, confined to the bottom six lines. The centipede will begin coming down from the top. Shoot the centipede segments. When they are hit they will turn into another mushroom (those stationary triangular blocks on the screen). The centipede will run back and forth across the screen. As it runs into anything it will drop down to the next line. Whenever any enemy runs into you, you loose a life. There are other enemies besides the centipede to watch out for, but you will only progress once you've killed the centipede. If you take too long in killing the centipede, new sections of it will enter the screen. Kill the other enemies to keep them outta your way and gain points for extra lives. I really like the way the colors change as you defeat each centipede.
Ultra Pong
Everyone knows pong. Smack the ball (pong) or puck (hockey) back and forth until one of you scores 15 points. Not much to look at, but still fun to play, and I have to say that if, by some crazy circumstance, you've never played pong, you should. It is likely more challenging than you thought and very addictive.
Missile Command
Protect your cities from destruction. Anything touches a city and it'll blow up. Shoot down everything. At the end of a stage, you get extra points for each city still there and any missiles you didn't use. If your center tower is struck, you will lose a pyramid of ammo. You have three at the start of each stage, and each pyramid has ten missiles in it.
As far as I can see, Classic Version is simply a classic version of Missile Command, while the other version has updated graphics.

A Button Shoot
B Button Shoot
Start Button Begin Game/ Pause
Select Button N/A
Be a Leader
If you're ever going to get anywhere in missile command, you have to lead your target. That means shoot ahead of where the target is, trying to shoot where it will be. Otherwise, the target will always be past the point you shot by the time your missile gets there.
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