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Shining Force
A true role-playing classic for the Sega Genesis, the Shining Force series began with the less-well-known Shining in the Darkness, and went on to greatness from there. Games from this series appeared on Game Gear and Saturn as well, and even the Playstation 2, so Shining Force continues to shine even now.

Shining Force Sega Genesis Screenshot 1
Shining Force (Sega Genesis)
You are a young swordsman from Guardiana, which is invaded by the evil forces of Rune who are after the keys to a door left by the Ancients. After your kingdom's forces are decimated and both your mentor and your king killed, you take the remaining forces, the Shining Force, after the forces of Rune. With them, you pursue the mysteries left by the Ancients, seeking the means to save your world from peril.

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Shining Force 2 Sega Genesis Screenshot 1
Shining Force 2 (Sega Genesis)
The citizens of Granseal are hard at work. Inside the castle grounds, the centaurs concentrate on jousting and target practice while the spellcasters compare teleportation and healing spells. Granseal isn't at war, but there has been trouble with monsters on the outskirts of the kingdom, and the king has ordered troops to sweep the area and drive the creatures away.

All notice the thunderclouds that gather above the castle. Not only is rain unusual for the season, but the storm does not look to be an ordinary one.

The storm is a harbinger of coming events - events which will change Granseal and its neighboring kingdoms forever. An ancient evil has broken free, and is spreading over the land of Rune, devastating all that it touches. Is there anyone, or anything, that can stop it? Start the adventure and find out!
--From the Sega Genesis Shining Force 2 instruction manual.

In this installment of the Shining Force series, you must once again save the land of Rune from an ancient and terrible curse which threatens to spread across the land and swallow all in its path with terror and darkness!

This is an awesome game! In most ways it's an update of the first Shining Force. Game-play is very similar, but you have a whole new range of cool characters, classes, weapons, spells, and items. Also the plot is much better, not as linear as the original, plus of course it's longer and much more involved and interesting. The graphics and sounds are new and improved as well, to awesome effect. I suggest you start at the beginning and play the entire series! Have Fun!

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Shining Force 2: The Sword of Hajya Sega GameGear Screenshot 1
Shining Force 2: The Sword of Hajya (Sega GameGear)

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Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon Gameboy Advance Screenshot 1
Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon (Gameboy Advance)

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Shining in the Darkness Sega Genesis Screenshot 1
Shining in the Darkness (Sega Genesis)
The Kingdom Of Thornwood
"Please, Father, don't deny me. It's been one year to the day since I last visited the Shrine. I wish to meditate to honor the soul of my mother. You must let me go! I beg you!"

King Drake found it difficult to deny his lovely daughter anything. "Very well - but you will not go alone!"
The King summoned Mortred, his bravest and most loyal knight, to the Throne room. "Mortred, I'd be grateful if you'd agree to escort Princess Jessa. She wishes to go to the Shrine in the village. I anticipate no danger, but I must be cautious. Will you do me this favor, my most trusted servant?"

"I'll guard the Princess with my life. Fear not, my liege. She is safe in my company."

They walked to the Shrine, and Mortred waited outside while Jessa meditated. She stepped out into the warm light of the afternoon, looked around and said "Mortred, it's such a lovely day. Why don't we take a walk? I don't want to spend a day as pleasant as this cooped up in that dreary old castle. Please?"

Against his better judgment, Mortred agreed. They headed away from the village, into the wild country beyond.
"For some reason, Father has never told me about this area. I've always longed to know its history. Would you tell me, Mortred?"

"Many legends are told about this wilderness. For as long as anyone can remember, it has served as a training ground for knights. Any knight who passes the many grueling tests here becomes a Shining Knight."

The Princess was delighted. "Tell me more..."

Now, over 24 hours have passed, without a sign of Mortred and Princess Jessa. The King is beside himself with worry. You, as Mortred's son (and a fine knight in your own right) volunteer to find your father and the Princess. King Drake and his aides are at the castle, awaiting your arrival...
--from the Sega Genesis Shining in the Darkness instruction manual

Shining in the Darkness was actually the first installment in the series by Climax, with Shining Force as the second. I say that because most people actually played Shining Force first. Shining in the Darkness was also one of the earliest 3D RPGs ever made.

Dark Sol has kidnapped the daughter of the King of Thornwood. The King, following the advice of his wizard, charges you with rescuing her . The King knows that your father was a great knight and expects the same from you. You have a couple of friends that are going to help you on your quest: Milo and Pyra. From what you guys can gather Dark Sol has taken the princess somewhere inside the Labyrinth.

I liked the 3D looking graphics. I don't think they were really 3D like we mean today, but it's the end result that really counts. The backgrounds in the game looked exceptionally good. One of the main things you'll probably remember about Shining in the Darkness is the sound. Besides music, Climax threw in some sound bytes for certain attacks and magic, and the infamous booming ring of an enemy appearing on screen. I thought Shining in the Darkness was an excellent game, and I recommend it to anyone that likes RPG's.

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