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Sid Meier
Sid Meier has brought us a huge number of awesome games. The Civilization series, and its successor, Alpha Centauri. Pirates! in several editions. Railroad Tycoon. And a host of simulators such as F-15 Strike Eagle and Silent Service.

Civilization Super Nintendo Screenshot 1
Civilization (Super Nintendo)
Sid Meier's Civilization is the definitive classic of the Turn-Based Strategy genre. As the leader of your empire, lead your people in a quest for ever increasing military might and scientific supremacy. Declare victory by becoming the first nation to conquer Outer Space, or just by destroying all the competition!

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Silent Service NES Screenshot 1
Silent Service (NES)
Find 'em, chase 'em, sink 'em!
Just above the beat of your heart, you hear hostile propellors churning through calm seas. At any second the first depth charge will explode. Your watch ticks. Sweat rolls into your eyes. As the enemy's sonar ping intensifies you hold your breath, realizing that the pressure of an unmerciful sea is all around you.

Such is your life as a commander in the elite Silent Service Force, a detailed simulation of World War II submarine missions in the bloody South Pacific.

From the moment you dive into action, you'll be confronted with the same information, problems and resources available to an actual sub captain. Your primary mission will be to take on the Japanese Navy in their home waters and to neutralize the Japanese Merchant Merine.

With a limited number of torpedoes and fuel, your goal is to sink a maximum tonnage of enemy ships and bring your sub safely back to base. Your overall evaluation from Fleet Command will be based on the number and types of ships you sink.

So go get 'em commander. Your crew is counting on you... because they know if you fail, they'll become instant shark bait!
--From the NES Silent Service instruction manual.

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F-15 Strike Eagle Sega GameGear Screenshot 1
F-15 Strike Eagle (Sega GameGear)

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F-15 Strike Eagle NES Screenshot 1
F-15 Strike Eagle (NES)

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F-15 Strike Eagle 2 Sega Genesis Screenshot 1
F-15 Strike Eagle 2 (Sega Genesis)

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Pirates NES Screenshot 1
Pirates (NES)
Sail the seas as a bloody Buccaneer! Capture enemy ships, plunder coastal towns, dig for buried treasure, rescue lost family members, form alliances with colonial powers, even marry the governor's daughter!

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Pirates Gold Sega Genesis Screenshot 1
Pirates Gold (Sega Genesis)
Your ship is attacked by pirates, and you, being the brave lad that you are, draw your sword on the captain of the pirates. After you defeat the captain, the rest of the pirates are so inspired by your swordplay, that they make you their new captain.
Pirates Gold has to be one of the best games to ever grace a console. From action and romance, to swords and cannons this game has it all. Itís an action, RPG, strategy, and simulation game all wrapped up into one. As the story goes, youíre a young cabin boy who gets violently promoted to captain and you must sail the seven seas to prove your worth and make a name for yourself. You can go pretty much any where you want in the Caribbean and loot and pillage your brains out. Or, if you don't really like the sound of that, you can sign on with a specific country and complete missions for them. Itís all up to you in this world of pirates and gold.
As far as graphics go the game scores above average, but at the same time it doesnít exactly sport the most advanced Genesis graphics. I do think they were good for thier day, and I think they are still getting the job done today.
I love the sounds in this game, from the seagulls, to the fight scenes, to the theme song at the beginning(it always reminds me of Alice in Wonderland). I've often caught myself humming along with it. Itís great but nothing that is really mind blowing.
There isnt really a whole lot of story in this game except that your ship was attacked by pirates and they want your gold. After that it's up to you complete ten goals, including getting married.
Game play is where Pirates Gold shines the most. You can do it all in Pirates Gold. You can cross swords with pirates, or you can attack and sink enemy/friendly ships. If you want you can take the battle on land and use strategy to take an enemies stronghold. Everything is easily accessible and controllable. The fighting is not only strategic but its fast and fun.
Over all Pirates Gold is a gleaming example of greatness in the annals of gaming history. Itís every thing you could possibly want out of your pirate video game experience: pirate music, sword fighting, maidens in distress, a family crisis, pirates themselves, gold, sailing, the game has it all. Pirates Gold was a great game and I think everyone should try it at least once.

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