Silent Service 1989 By: Ultra

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Find 'em, chase 'em, sink 'em!
Just above the beat of your heart, you hear hostile propellors churning through calm seas. At any second the first depth charge will explode. Your watch ticks. Sweat rolls into your eyes. As the enemy's sonar ping intensifies you hold your breath, realizing that the pressure of an unmerciful sea is all around you.

Such is your life as a commander in the elite Silent Service Force, a detailed simulation of World War II submarine missions in the bloody South Pacific.

From the moment you dive into action, you'll be confronted with the same information, problems and resources available to an actual sub captain. Your primary mission will be to take on the Japanese Navy in their home waters and to neutralize the Japanese Merchant Merine.

With a limited number of torpedoes and fuel, your goal is to sink a maximum tonnage of enemy ships and bring your sub safely back to base. Your overall evaluation from Fleet Command will be based on the number and types of ships you sink.

So go get 'em commander. Your crew is counting on you... because they know if you fail, they'll become instant shark bait!

--From the NES Silent Service instruction manual.

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