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Wizards & Warriors

Wizards & Warriors NES Screenshot 1
Wizards & Warriors (NES)
She's asleep now, the Princess. But who knows what he has planned for her once she awakens...
He is the Wizard Malkil.

Legend has it that Malkil was once one of the greatest. So great, in fact, that even the renowned Merlin was his pupil. But alas, Malkil has gone mad with age, and turned his powerful magic to the dark side.

You are Kuros, the only knight warrior brave enough to enter the woods of Elrond. Strong enough to wield the Brightsword. Powerful enough to ward off the demons, the undead, and the caverns of fire. And clever enough to discover where Malkil has hidden his prisoner.
--From the NES Wizards & Warriors instruction manual.

Wizards and Warriors was always one of my favorite games. I used to beat it almost every weekend. This is one of those games that never runs out of continues. The only thing they were counting on running out of was your patience. It did get difficult and aggravating at times. Just don't give up and you will succeed. This is a great game, and I suggest you give it a chance.

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Wizards & Warriors 2: Iron Sword NES Screenshot 1
Wizards & Warriors 2: Iron Sword (NES)
The further adventures of Kuros

You've defeated the evil Wizard Malkil before. So you can defeat him again. Or can you?

This time he has summoned the very forces of Nature against you. He's taken the form of the four Elementals: Wind, Water, Fire and Earth. And though your fighting abilities are the finest in the land, it will take more - much more - to go against these all-powerful Elementals.

You must search everywhere for the food, items, and spells that are your only hope for victory. Leave no stone unturned. No door or chest unopened. Gather or purchase the keys that open the sealed chests. Do whatever it takes to harbor magic spells and powers. And collect all the gold and precious treasures you can find - because there may be times when you have to buy your strength.

Within each of the four domains - those of Wind, Water, Fire and Earth - you will be able to call on the assistance of an Animal King. But only of you can bestow upon him the golden object which he so desperately seeks.

Finally - at the end of each domain - you must battle the Elemental itself. It won't be easy. And if you don't first obtain the magic that each Elemental fears the most, it will be impossible. But if you do find the right magic for the job, and you defeat the Elemental, you will be given a piece of the shattered Ironsword. When all four Elementals have been defeated, you will hold the completely restored IronSword - the only weapon powerful enough to defeat the wicked Malkil.

But, as it is with any battle against the evil Wizard, almost everything you encounter will be under his spell. Which means his minions are bent on carrying out only one task: stopping you. And as it is in any kingdom controlled by the power of magic, things aren't always as they appear. They way up may be to go down. The path to the West may lead off to the East. And hidden passages may lead you to places where "direction" has no meaning.

So be off, Kuros. You are the ultimate warrior. And this is the ultimate war...
--From the NES Wizards & Warriors 2: Iron Sword instruction manual.

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Wizards & Warriors 3 NES Screenshot 1
Wizards & Warriors 3 (NES)
The Legends Past
The famed wizard, Malkil, wasn't always evil... and Kuros wasn't always the bravest and strongest Knight.

Malkil grew mad with age. He turned his power to the Dark Side. Kuros grew up and became the only warrior brave enough to confront him... and strong enough to wield the BrightSword.

The first time he defeated Malkil was when Malkil imprisoned the Princess in the Kingdom of Elrond.

The second time they met was when Malkil overtook the four elements of nature: Wind, Water, Fire and Earth. Each of the four forces held a piece of the shattered IronSword. Kuros defeated them all and restored the sword.

The final confrontation was atop IceFire Mountain where Kuros actually saw Malkil slump into defeat as he raised the IronSword in victory.

It was a short-lived victory, however, because Kuros has now found out that he only defeated Malkil's physical form. His evil soul survived the struggle and rose up into the clouds, only to dive back down to Earth and blast away Kuros' armour and sword with one last treacherous bolt of lightning...

Malkil's Revenge
The Dungeons of Piedup, with their thieves, muggers and corrupt noblemen, proved to be a perfect place for the evil Malkil. It was here that he chose to nurse his wounds and restore his strength. Once he was ready, the grand Palace of Piedup was to be his target.

Malkil launched an attack on the Palace of Piedup, kidnapping the King and placing himself in power. How he managed to sneak up from the dungeons and bring the King back down again remains a mystery, but magic was most certainly involved. Only magic could convince the entire population of Piedup that this foul and evil wizard, complete with the real King's crown, was their just and rightful leader. It is now up to Kuros to convince them otherwise.

The Quest
After two years of traveling through the wilderness, Piedup is the first civilized place Kuros wanders into. Having lost his memory (as well as his honor) on that fateful night up on IceFire mountain, Kuros is still in somewhat of a daze...

But upon hearing the name MALKIL, something stirs inside him. Some painful memory of the past? Is he some distant enemy perhaps? Thoughts of revenge flood onto Kuros' head and he has no choice but to follow his instincts....
--From the NES Wizards & Warriors 3 instruction manual.

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Wizards & Warriors X: Fortress of Fear Gameboy Screenshot 1
Wizards & Warriors X: Fortress of Fear (Gameboy)
The Calm Before the Storm
You are Kuros. One of the bravest warriors ever to wield the IronSword. And the only one to successfully challenge the dark powers of evil Wizard Malkil.

The black deeds of Malkil know no boundaries. The first time you encountered his wrath, he had captured the Crown Princess and entrapped her in Castle IronSpire. On another occasion (one even the Villagers still live in fear of) Malkil overtook the very forces of life itself: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water.

And yet, in the every confrontation, you were able to finally overcome the forces of his deadly black magic, weakening his powers, bit by bit. But will you be able to do it again?

As of late, the Wizard Malkil has been quiet. Too quiet. No one has seen or heard from him in over ten and seven years. And the silence is deafening.

What's more, the fair Princess Elaine has disappeared. There are no clues. No indications of where she has gone.

But down in the depths of your heart, you believe that it is Malkil who has abducted her. And taken her back to the dreaded Fortress of Fear at the opposite end of the treacherous tangled woods of Zanifer.

It is precisely at times as quiet as this, that Malkil strikes with his darkest deeds. The calm before the storm...

But this time, Kuros, don't give him a chance to strike. Enter the Fortress and catch him before he can begin to execute his plan. But then again, brave warrior, maybe your little visit is his plan...
--From the Gameboy Wizards & Warriors X: Fortress of Fear instruction manual.

     Fortress of Fear is an adventure game with 18 levels of action across five screens: The Bridge and Moat, The Dungeon, The Armory, The Parapet and Malkil’s Chambers. Your character, Kuros, must find Princess Elaine, who is assumed held captive by the evil Malkil in his Fortress of Fear. In your quest you will find keys that open treasure chests containing gems or Magical Spells. You can become filthy rich by accumulating gems. And what would an adventure game be without Magic Powers? Boring, like real life, I guess.

     The game has cartoon-like graphics and music. So it is meant to be fun, not gory. The puzzles seem to be intuitive rather than obscure, so you might actually be able to get beyond the first screen. None of that “name the female villager who placed a flower on the unnamed gravestone in the old cemetery in the previous village” sort of puzzles that we only love when we have a cheat manual.

     Part Of The Plan
     Dan Fogelberg

     Love when you can
     Cry when you have to
     Be who you must
     That's a part of the plan

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*You Must Download And Install The Client Before Playing.
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