Wizards & Warriors X: Fortress of Fear 1989 By: Acclaim

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The Calm Before the Storm
You are Kuros. One of the bravest warriors ever to wield the IronSword. And the only one to successfully challenge the dark powers of evil Wizard Malkil.

The black deeds of Malkil know no boundaries. The first time you encountered his wrath, he had captured the Crown Princess and entrapped her in Castle IronSpire. On another occasion (one even the Villagers still live in fear of) Malkil overtook the very forces of life itself: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water.

And yet, in the every confrontation, you were able to finally overcome the forces of his deadly black magic, weakening his powers, bit by bit. But will you be able to do it again?

As of late, the Wizard Malkil has been quiet. Too quiet. No one has seen or heard from him in over ten and seven years. And the silence is deafening.

What's more, the fair Princess Elaine has disappeared. There are no clues. No indications of where she has gone.

But down in the depths of your heart, you believe that it is Malkil who has abducted her. And taken her back to the dreaded Fortress of Fear at the opposite end of the treacherous tangled woods of Zanifer.

It is precisely at times as quiet as this, that Malkil strikes with his darkest deeds. The calm before the storm...

But this time, Kuros, don't give him a chance to strike. Enter the Fortress and catch him before he can begin to execute his plan. But then again, brave warrior, maybe your little visit is his plan...

--From the Gameboy Wizards & Warriors X: Fortress of Fear instruction manual.

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     Fortress of Fear is an adventure game with 18 levels of action across five screens: The Bridge and Moat, The Dungeon, The Armory, The Parapet and Malkil’s Chambers. Your character, Kuros, must find Princess Elaine, who is assumed held captive by the evil Malkil in his Fortress of Fear. In your quest you will find keys that open treasure chests containing gems or Magical Spells. You can become filthy rich by accumulating gems. And what would an adventure game be without Magic Powers? Boring, like real life, I guess.

     The game has cartoon-like graphics and music. So it is meant to be fun, not gory. The puzzles seem to be intuitive rather than obscure, so you might actually be able to get beyond the first screen. None of that “name the female villager who placed a flower on the unnamed gravestone in the old cemetery in the previous village” sort of puzzles that we only love when we have a cheat manual.

     Part Of The Plan

     Dan Fogelberg

     Love when you can

     Cry when you have to

     Be who you must

     That's a part of the plan


     What more can be said? Run, jump, stab and solve puzzles. Kill everything in sight, no mercy. You're an Adventurer, not a member of the Salvation Army. Fight against the evil Malkil and his equally evil assistants. You can keep your Life Force healthy (the hearts on the screen) by eating the food and drinking the ale that you might find. You must avoid that which is dangerous, such as arrows and fireballs, and fight evil creatures. Routine stuff for an Adventurer.

Magic Powers:

The Potion of Healing – heals you

Spell of Invincibility – makes you invincible for a short period of time

Helpful Objects

Shield of Protection – better protection than the pawnshop junk you were initially issued

Boots of Jumping - jump like Magic Johnson

Miniature Kuros - these give you extra lives

Scroll of Honor

If you score high enough, you can enter your initials here
Remember, Brave Warrior, there is a small bit of memory, hidden somewhere in your computer, whose name is Princess Elaine: She awaits you! Do not fail her!

A Button Jump
B Button Stab
Up Enter Doors
Down Crouch
Start Button Start Game
Hints are for sissies, not Adventurers
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