Air Raiders 1982 By: Mattel electronics

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You're a pilot in some sort of battle. You get 99 bullets to take down lots of enemy planes. They shoot at you, as well. You've got lots of fuel and some bullets. Can you shoot down a bunch of planes like a real ace pilot?

Mattel, best known for it's fabulous doll, Barbie, decided to create a series of Atari video games. This was one of them. Believe me, this game is very good. Nintendo should have remade the game for the NES because it is so good. The graphics are decent, the gameplay fun, and to top it off, it's a flight simulator (not kidding) and you can even take off from the runway!


You're trying to shoot down enemy planes with 99 bullets. But it isn't easy. The planes move very quickly and you have to have a steady eye in order to crash them. Apparently, Atari 2600 games have no story, and this doesn't either. But you could always make up a story. So use your imagination, and hit the "play now" button.

Fire button Starts up the plane, fires bullets
Reload and Refuel
Your bullets and fuel are bound to run out, so once your bullets are gone, go down to the 00 elevation, but don't crash. After 4-10 seconds, you will land on the runway and reload.
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