Asteroids 1981 By: Atari

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Asteroids is one of the biggest classic arcade games of all time. The decent graphics and sound coupled with awesome gameplay made for a huge hit among gamers everywhere. Asteroids has been ported to more systems than almost any other game. This port from the arcade was pretty good. There were a couple versions on the Atari. This one is the color version.
Asteroids is highly addictive and easy to understand. If you've never played Asteroids, give this mega arcade classic a try right now!


Save yourself from the deadly Asteroids by using your blaster to destroy them. Be sure to use the thruster to dodge Asteroids as well. There is also a third option, if you have to you can push down and you will warp into hyperspace. Be careful though, there is no telling where you will pop out. There are no power-ups in this game, it's just you and your skills. Try to beat the top score and compete with your friends. You start with three ships and will get an extra one every ten thousand points.

Up Thruster
Left and Right Turn the ship
Down Hyperspace
Ctrl Fire
If you push down, you will warp into hyperspace and randomly appear somewhere else. Only use this as a last resort to keep from being destroyed, because you may appear right in front of another asteroid and be blown to bits anyway.
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