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One of the earliest and simplest Baseball games on the Atari 2600. The game is super simplified into pitcher vs. batter. You only have to worry about hitting the ball, catching the ball, and tagging players/bases.

The graphics are simple, too. You've got stick figure batter and pitcher who are only differentiated by their color. Characters run by flipping their sprites back and forth at such a high speed it looks like they have a ghost leg.

The game audio is used sparingly, which is a good thing for a 2600 game. The only two sounds in the game are the little ding you get when you score a run, or the thud thud thud of a player running.

No need to worry about running the bases, stealing bases, or tackling the occasional fan who runs onto the field. Baseball is worth the time if you've got a friend who wants to play some old-school sports game, otherwise I'd go for one of the many other Baseball games on later systems.



When playing as the pitcher you throw the ball with the button, and you can aim the ball (in mid-flight!) using the joystick/arrow keys.

After the ball is hit you can move your pitcher to try to catch the ball. If you catch it you need to tag a base before the runner gets to it.


As the batter, the only thing you can do is swing the bat by moving the joystick/pressing the arrow key. It doesn't matter which way you hit, that's determined by the timing in hitting the ball. Running is handled automatically.

Joystick Move or aim ball / Swing Bat
Button Pitch / Swing
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