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Atari Basketball is a bare-bones representation of the popular American, and more lately, worldwide sport. This is a two player only game, as most early Atari sports games were. It features a 4 minute, one-on-one contest with good playability and controller response.
Graphics in this early Atari game are characteristically simple, with block type men playing with a square ball. The only sounds in this game are the almost constant dribbling of the ball or a chime when a goal is scored. Aside from graphics and sound, this is not a terrible game and could prove to be good head-to-head competition with a friend.


Dribble the ball around the court and try to score goals by shooting the ball into your opponent's basket. Whenever you score, your opponent gets the ball and an opportunity to score as well. If you miss your shot, the ball remains live (there is no out of bounds) until either you or your opponent gets the rebound. You can steal the ball from your opponent by moving your player in close while he is dribbling the ball. There are no fouls, and thus, no free-throws. A basket is worth 2 points, and the player with the most points at the end of 4 minutes wins.

Joystick Move Player
Fire Button Shoot the Ball
Shooting from Downtown
To shoot the ball from longer distances, hold the fire button. The player will throw the ball up at a higher trajectory, increasing the chance of making a far away shot.
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