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Your objective is to roll as high a score as possible, whether you're playing a one-player or a two-player game. There are ten "pins" to knock down. You have two tries (or rolls) to knock down the pins each time you're up. Each game consists of ten "frames" (or turns).

--From the Atari 2600 Bowling instruction manual.

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Atari Bowling is an early video game version of the popular sport of Bowling. Graphics are consistent with this era of programming. You control a "stick figure" and the Bowling ball is almost round. When the ball is thrown at the pins, it sounds like some kind of machine has been turned on. Controls respond well and are pretty simple, much like this game is. It's kind of laughable, but beware, it possesses a fun quality that could have you playing Atari Bowling for a while.


Your man is at one end of an "alley" and 10 pins are lined up, in a pyramid fashion, at the other end. Line up your man and roll the ball at the pins. The 2 tries you have to knock down the pins is called a frame. Knock down all 10 in one try and you receive a strike (best case scenario). Knock them in two tries and you receive a spare. The match lasts for 10 frames.

Joystick Adjust Bowler Position
Fire Button Roll Ball Towards Pins
To bowl a strike, (knock down all 10 pins in one try) position your player so that the ball hits in the middle of the first pin, causing a chain reaction and resulting in a strike.
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