Demons To Diamonds 1982 By: Atari

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You and your best friend are spending a super Saturday at the Cosmic Carnival. So far you've done all the usual things. Now you're restlessly looking around for a new thrill--something exciting and different, some competitive skill sport. Suddenly you hear a taunting voice coming from the vicinity of Target Skill Gallery.

"Whoa, let's see what that's about!" you say as you make a sharp left and jog off in the direction of the high pitched speech.

The non-stop voice belongs to a squat, two-food tall demon parading back and forth in front of a huge, vertical shooting range.

"Hey you!" squeaks the demon, pointing directly at you. "Would you like to command a laser base? Like to hit targets and score points? Are you looking for fun, excitement--a game in which you must dodge danger? We are the demons and we dare you to try your laser-sharpshooting skills on us! We're full of surprises. We sidestep all over the shooting range. We yak at you until you shut us up. We change into new target forms-- precious diamonds or deadly skulls. Hit a diamond and you'll score a small fortune in bonus points. But beware of skulls!

"So come on, reach for your laser, exercise your trigger finger on us. Put us through our paces and we'll dazzle you with demonic tricks!"

--From the Atari 2600 Demons To Diamonds instruction manual.

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