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This is the original Atari Football. Probably the first video game version of the sport, and it shows. Featuring realistic four-on-four teams (looks like three man teams, before the ball is snapped) and a true to life 5 minute game clock. The players, which look like rejected space invaders, become transparent when play begins. The sound of white noise really invokes the feeling of home advantage.
Playing this game, I look back at the dynasties of yesteryear and I know they derived their blueprint of success from somewhere else. Unless you're an Xtreme, and I mean really XTREME, nostalgic who enjoys giving and/or receiving sibling abuse, don't invite them over for this 2-man war. The only thing this game might be good for is a Michael Vick or O.J. Simpson endorsement deal.


You control the ball carrier while the rest of your team just kind of roam around, trying to outwit a defense that's just kind of roaming around. The forward pass was created before this game and, thankfully, was included to add to the the already almost endless arsenal of plays you are afforded.
Start each play by joystick and fire button. The ball carrier moves the dot via joystick or throws it by pressing fire. Move the dot to the opponent's goal and score 7. Tackle the opponent behind his own goal line for 2.

Joystick Move Ball Carrier
Fire Button Throw Ball
Play NES Tecmo Bowl Instead
There really are no hints, I don't believe. No, actually, there is a hint, and it was called the "Overview," second paragraph. This game is absolutely awful.
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