Grand Prix 1982 By: Activision

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You're about to enter the race of your life. Nothing stands between you and victory except the clock, the road and the other drivers out to beat you to the finish line. So take a little time with these instructions, and you may emerge as the Grand Prix world record holder!

--From the Atari 2600 Grand Prix instruction manual.

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A lot of people think Pole Position is the only racer for the classic Atari. Well, they're wrong, and I was wrong until I found this game.

It's basically a straight stretch race to the end, with cars and oil slicks in the way. Nothing special. And you have to get it in the fastest time. Try this game with a friend and see how far each of you get.


Race your race-car down the straight stretch to win the race.

Fire Accelerates
Going too fast?
You'll be pushing your engine to the limit, and going really fast, so watch out for cars ahead of you. Hit the left arrow to slow your car down if you see another one coming up fast.
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