Hangman 1978 By: Atari

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Complete the Hangman Word within eleven incorrect letter guesses.

--From the Atari 2600 Hangman instruction manual.

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Now, this game probably isn't what is considered "classic", but it works for Atari 2600.
Now, as I said, this is an Atari game, so it won't probably come close as a favorite. The graphics are okay for the system, and they are colorful. The sounds are... well, Atari-like. The gameplay is fairly simple. This game can be fun for a lonely day, but could also be played on a piece of paper, mind you. So, only play this in times of extreme boredom!


Find out the word by selecting different letters, and solve the word. Hangman is basically a game of word skills, and it involves a little bit of thinking. If you can solve the word within eleven incorrect guesses, you win.

Fire Enter selected letter
Hangman Hint
Every word has at least one vowel. Pick vowels first before any other letter.
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