Ice Hockey 1981 By: Activision

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The first thing to do is gain control of the puck, which you do by skating near it. When you've connected, you'll hear a "click" and the puck will begin to move back and forth on your player's stick.

There are 32 shot angles. Your shot will go to the extreme left when the puck is at the left side of your player's stick; it will go to the extreme right when the puck is at the right side of your player's stick. All other shot angles occur when the puck is in between the two extremes. Players can only shoot the puck forward towards their opponent's goal.


When on defense, use your stick to knock the puck away, or body-check your opponent to slow his attack.

When you're defending your goal, it's important to cut down your opponent's shot angle, since you want to make it has tough as you can for him to get a clean shot at your net.

Passing the Puck

Ice Hockey is a team game, and you should practice passing from your goalie to your forward. You'll find it impossible to play championship-quality hockey if you don't learn how to move the puck effectively. You have to understand the shot angles to become a good passer.

--From the Atari 2600 Ice Hockey instruction manual.

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Possibly the first ever Computerized Hockey game created, Ice Hockey is the story of 4 guys, 2 on each team, playing hockey on a square rink. They skate around picking up the puck, trying to score a goal. They don't ever fight, get penalties, or end up injuring other players. Kinda makes you wish hockey was kind of like this, huh?


Skate around, pick up the puck and score on your opponent.

Joystick button Shoot puck
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