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You are Hawkeye Pierce, Chief Medical Surgeon of the 4077th MASH. Your responsibilities include rescuing injured men from the battlefield, performing surgery in the operating room, or, in an alternative game, picking up Colonel Potter's skydiving medics. You pilot your chopper low through the trees, avoiding shells fired at you from a North Korean tank. After picking up the medics or wounded and rushing them back to the hospital, the pressure really starts to get heavy. Time is running out for the injured men and you must operate. You have to work fast. You are competing with your fellow surgeons, either B.J. Hunnicut, Trapper John McIntyre or Frank Burns.

--From the Atari 2600 M.A.S.H. instruction manual.

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The year was 1950. The M*A*S*H unit, a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, treated wounded American soldiers, saving their lives and bringing them back to health. These units played a big role in the Korean War.

Well, you play the role of a pilot and a doctor. You fly wounded soldiers from the front to the M*A*S*H unit. It's a tough and hard job, but if you want to try it, hit Play Now and give 'er a go.


Use your helicopter to pick up wounded soldiers from the front. In order to get to the wounded, avoid hitting trees and the other helicopter. When you're in the operation room, you have to pick out the shrapnel from the wounded body to get bonus points, kind of like an "Operation" game, but if you mess up, the guy doesn't buzz, you just get called ferret face, after Maj. Frank Burns, the "ferret face" in the TV show.

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