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Aliens from the planet of Krytol have begun an attack on the planet Zardon. The Krytolians are warriors out to destroy and seize the planet of Zardon. Zardon is the last of the peaceful planets. The Zardonians are skillful and hardworking people. Their cities are built-up and rich in resources. It is truly a planet void of crime and violence.

Zardon has built a powerful defense system. Several antiballistic missile bases have been established within the cities of Zardon. The Zardonians are ready for this attack, and are prepared to fight to save their cities.

As base commander it is your responsibility to protect and defend six cities on the planet of Zardon. The Krytolians have begun firing interplanetary ballistic missiles. They are aiming at your cities and missile bases. Your only defense is to fire back with antiballistic missiles. But watch out, the Krytolians are sly, they also have cruise missiles. Cruise missiles look like satellites, but they are just as deadly as the interplanetary ballistic missiles.

Use your antiballistic missiles (ABMs) to stop the enemy before your happy and harmonious planet is destroyed.

--From the Atari 2600 Missile Command instruction manual.

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Missile Command is how any red blooded American would answer the threat of nuclear attack.Simpley set up a missile base at every city and shoot down any and every nuc thrown at you.This is the basic story behind Missile Command.

One morning you wake up,get your cup of coffee and start reading the morning paper when..... an emergency broadcast pops up on the T.V. They are asking for any brave soul to come help protect the city.Immediately you jump up,say good by to your loved ones and head off for the Missile Command center.When you arrive you have just enough time to get in the command seat and thats when all heck breaks loose.You scramble to aim in on the missiles and fire as fast as you can.Missiles are exploding every where people are screaming you are giving it every thing you've got and for a second the smoke clears and all you can hear is silence.The attack has stopped.

You hear men scrambiling around behind you screaming reload.You look to the sky but see nothing.Your heart is racing,hands are sweaty,and mouth is dry...... Out the corner of your eye,what is this,more missiles than you could have imagined.Once again your eye is keen,nerves like steel,and you guide every missile to intersect the oncoming hoard.What's this one of the missiles dodged,could it be they have smart bombs.With this tought in mind your heart sinks into your stomach.The second wave has stopped,you scream RELOAD!!! as loud as you can you don't want another missle getting though.......Now ask yourself do you have what it takes to be a Missile Commander?

In Missile Command keep all the missiles falling from the sky off your cities and your Missile Command post.Don't just fire like a mad man,you only have so many missiles per an attack if you use them all you will be a sitting duck.The game will only end if all your cities are destroyed or if your Missile Command center is destroyed.


The directions for Missile Command are quite simple point and shoot.

Ctrl Button on keyboard fire
direction pad moves cursor
Do not fire all your missiles
At the end of an attack all unused missiles are extra points.
Smart bombs
Watch out for smart bombs they will maneuver around your missiles.
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