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There are 16 gunslinger and target shooting games in this Game Program. Each one presents different variations. For a description of each variation, refer to the following code:

Blowaway: Your bullets are more powerful during gunfights with Blowaway. You can shoot away pieces of the protective center object--a Stage Coach, Wall or Cactus-- until it completely disappears.

Cactus: Some gunfights and target shooting games occur with a Cactus in the center of the playfield. Bullets cannot penetrate the Cactus. Use the Cactus as protection from your opponent's shots.

Stage Coach: A Stage Coach stands between the two gunslingers during some games. Bullets cannot pass through the Stage Coach, making it ideal for protection against opposing bullets. In some games, a series of Stage Coaches will MOVE up the screen between you and your opponents.

Wall: In some games, a wall is located between the two gunslingers. These games also feature Blowaway. Use your shots to make a hole in the wall and aim at your opponent.

Getaway: During a gunfight with Getaway, each gunslinger can move immediately after shooting the gun. Without Getaway, gunslingers must wait until their bullets disappears off the screen or hits a target.

Six Shooter: In these gunfights with Six Shooters, each player's gun only has six bullets in it. Receive another round of ammunition when BOTH players have used all six bullets.

Target Shoot: The Target Shoot is a feature of one-player games. The Target bounces up and down on the screen while you attempt to make a direct hit.

--From the Atari 2600 Outlaw instruction manual.

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