Porky's 1983 By: 20th Century Fox

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The Adventure

As the play begins, you find yourself at the county line ready to enter Porky's territory. But, before the action begins, some introductions are in order.

Meet Edward "Pee Wee" Morris. He has a few problems. But personal problems aside, Pee Wee (with a little help from you) has a formidable task ahead of him.

It seems this real nasty guy named Porky, owner of a shady little night club with the same name, has messed with Pee Wee and his friends. So, you and Pee Wee are out to even the score.

Another person to look out for is Ms. Balbricker. She's out to grab onto anything she can, so don't let her latch on to you. If she does, it's the pits.

The County Line
Objective: Run the highway gauntlet and bow up Porky's bar. Sound easy? Try it...you'll see.

The Swamp
Objective: Get out of the swamp! And that's easier said than done. To escape you must pole vault over the swamp, collect and place four bricks to form an escape ladder.

The Shower
Objective: To keep your mind off of Wendy and on the task at hand - pushing the brightly colored object at the top of the screen into the pit without falling in or being caught by Ms. Balbricker. Each object pushed into the pit stops and/or slows a band on the highway screen.

Porky's Bar
Objective: Blow the blasted bar away! To do so you must follow the correct path to the top of the scaffolding, planting dynamite charges as you go. If you reach the top, a detonator will appear, and it's bye-bye Porky's.

--From the Atari 2600 Porky's instruction manual.

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